Candida fungi, Trichomonascus, or Candida ciferrii, C. auris, C. albicans and other human pathogenic yeasts, 3D illustration

¿Qué es la candidiasis sistémica?

Systemic Yeast Infection – Candida Gone Rogue! Yeast or Candida infections are now quite a common term nowadays. But what’s a systemic yeast infection? Well, as the name suggests in affects your whole system. Systemic Candida attacks the entire body in various ways, always using a weakened immune system and […]

La familia asiática disfruta jugando y cocinando en la cocina de su casa

¿Influye la dieta en el acné?

Antibióticos como remedio para el acné en la espalda, cremas para la cara y numerosos remedios caseros para el cuerpo, todo ello para aliviar y curar el acné, pero ¿hay una forma mejor? Tanto los médicos como los dermatólogos han afirmado que no existe una relación directa entre el acné y la dieta. Pero han admitido que la [...]

Happy 2-year-old boy kid eats cauliflower, broccoli and mashed potatoes in a jar in his kitchen at home. Baby food, solid food concept.

Baby Food Allergies? Read Me!

Many parents find the chance of baby food allergies among the most worrying aspects of introducing new foods for their baby. But there are simple measures you can take to minimise possible problems and make your child’s introduction to solid food a safe and happy one. Allergic reactions take place […]

Joven empresaria con clpd y virus de la gripe sonándose la nariz mientras trabaja en la oficina.

What Causes Allergies Again?

Almost 40 percent of the human population will suffer from allergies at some point in their lives. Itchy eyes, stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing are among the most frequent allergy symptoms and they can make any person feel weak and tired. Many individuals often wonder if they could avoid allergies […]