Diversas personas con ropa deportiva haciendo ejercicios para niños, estirando en una clase de grupo, practicando yoga en colchonetas en el suelo, relajándose en la postura Balasana, haciendo ejercicio en un moderno estudio de yoga con un instructor

¿Eres un principiante del yoga? ¡Léeme!

As beginners, we have a tendency to what we do with fascination and make mistakes along the way even when we start doing what we learnt. This is very common since all novices go through that point. Having said this, here are 3 common mistakes all que los principiantes deben evitar. A pesar de ser un juego relajante, el yoga sigue siendo un espectro muy amplio en general.

Tenga en cuenta

Además de que le guste el Yoga como a la mayoría de los novatos, tendrá que entender lo que necesita lograr y cómo ir a cumplir sus objetivos. Además, necesitas tener una estrategia para potenciar y llegar a donde necesitas ir paso a paso. Pero si no tienes un plan o alguna noción de a dónde necesitas ir o qué hacer, lo ideal es conseguir un instructor profesional que te ayude en lugar de hacer todo por ti mismo.

They will first attempt to get to know you. Including your personality, history, hobbies and jobs. Then they’re going to go about talking with you your goals, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses before finding a strategy that best suits you. Although I’ve already mentioned in first stage, I like to highlight on this again. If you don’t have a or plan and just learning for fun, Yoga may not be acceptable for you in the long term. The reason being if you any problems or setbacks, you may give up eventually.


Esa es la of most people when they’re only doing something for fun with no real purpose in life. Like everything else be it sports, martial arts or just driving, there’s a process and learning curve that you will need to confront and go through. I know it’s not simple and can be demanding at most times but this is what finally separate successful individuals from just wannabes.

A pesar de la that this is extremely common in courses, this will be beneficial to you and everybody learning Yoga in the long term. The only question is are you prepared to do what is necessary to master Yoga. If you’re, and age will no longer be the deciding factors for you since you probably notice that the majority of individuals are just like you if they’re old or young. The only distinction is what works for some individuals may not work for anyone.

So you want a to show you not only the ideal way but one that suits you best in terms of your level and interest. Besides learning, you get to know and make friends with those who are just as keen to learn Yoga as you. Moreover the fees those courses billed are based on the sessions you really attend rather than that which you enrolled as an entire package at most colleges.

Aún así, como dije antes, quieres tener una meta y una estrategia antes de saltar al Yoga. En los viejos tiempos, quieres ser un aprendiz empezando desde cero hasta que puedas llegar a ser un maestro en Yoga. Pero ahora la mayoría de la gente prefiere aprender Yoga debido a sus compromisos de investigación y trabajo. Además del horario perfecto, encontrar el profesor adecuado es igual de esencial.


be told, a skilled instructor doesn’t make a fantastic instructor emotionally and an unqualified instructor doesn’t make a poor instructor emotionally. Still what really matters is that instructor must know and have already succeeded in what he’s teaching. The best way to learn this answer isn’t only from this teacher but from their students also. For their replies – their honest responses in their hearts – will be the deciding factor. For the last thing you want is a teacher who doesn’t understand what he or she’s doing. Although Yoga is a fantastic and relaxing game, you will need to prevent these 3 mistakes if you ever need to make your mark. Not only as a but as your fire also.