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¿El tratamiento del acné depende del tipo de piel?

Acne comes in different kinds and treatment also varies depending on the kind of acne you have. Acne vulgaris is 1 form of acne which commonly affects millions of Americans. Eighty-five percent of individuals between the age range of 12 to 25 develop this sort of acne. Acne outbreak could happen to everybody that’s the reason it’s important to know and understand the details of the skin condition so as to obtain the perfect acne treatment which would control acne formation.


Understanding the reason for acne Myths and misconceptions exist about the causes of acne. This is because the medical professionals aren’t certain what causes this skin issue. This condition begins as lesions in the skin follicles. It develops when there is an abnormal secretion of sebum in the sebaceous glands. When the oil mixed along with the dust and other contaminants, skin pore is clogged thus bacteria conveniently reside and makes acne to appear and multiply. When the acne is infected, it goes deeper into the skin which may possibly leave a permanent scar.

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Bacteria that causes acne Propionebacterium acnes are the bacteria that cause pimples. This bacterium when mixed with sebum makes the affected tissues to swell thus acne formation results. Likewise, it can’t thrive in an oxygenated environment since it’s anaerobic. Acne outbreak might be a result from the breaking down of skin fats which is due to Corynebacterium acnes. Acne in Teenagers and Adults Acne in teens is commonly due to hormonal imbalance through puberty.


La formación de acné en los adolescentes es más leve y no inflamatoria pero puede complicarse especialmente en las mujeres que están relacionadas con la menstruación. Este problema de la piel no sólo afecta a los adolescentes sino también a los adultos, especialmente a las mujeres de 25 o 30 años. Por otro lado, el acné adulto es más complejo debido a diferentes causas. El desequilibrio hormonal debido al embarazo y la menstruación es el factor que más frecuentemente contribuye a la formación de acné en los adultos. Algunas mujeres que utilizaron píldoras anticonceptivas y que finalmente se abstienen de usarlas también son propensas al acné.


Stress and other emotional strain can also cause acne. Severe acne is common to men and boys that cause profound and permanent scars. However, this condition can be controlled but not entirely cured. The acne becomes acute when it’s infected hence cysts and nodules appear. Treatment of Acne Acne therapy comes in a variety of approaches. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, you may use pharmaceutical products and other drugs. Some topical antibiotic and chemical solutions may be used to treat certain kinds of acne and reduces scarring.

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Additionally, there are over the counter medications which you may buy without prescriptions like topical antibiotics. The period of treating your acne will be dependent on the status of your skin together with the cost of this treatment. In choosing the ideal acne treatment, you need to pick the suitable medication that fits your skin type in addition to the sort of acne you have. You must be aware that the majority of the drugs only reduce the symptoms but not the origin of the issue. You can even use alternative treatment that’s oftentimes better than the medication. Therefore, prior to your skin problem aggravates, you need to find the appropriate treatment. Otherwise, you will endure the long time effect of acne which could make you feel inferior.