Mujer atlética dedicada a correr en la naturaleza y al amanecer.

¿Correr te ayuda a encontrar la claridad?

Running is something I’ve taken up recently after years of avoiding it. I’ve always said I’d never be a runner or even enjoy it as a pastime or hobby. As a new mother and stay at home mother, I spend a whole lot of time at home. I used to go to the gym all the time with my husband before our little one came.


But because our precious angel’s coming my workouts have been home basedout of necessity but today it is because I’ve actually grown to love the simplicity and efficacy of my workout regimen. I have not missed going to the gym since I try to be creative with my patterns and revel in the challenge of using the little space I must work out. There’s one problem that has plagued my workouts though.

My programs have consistently lacked cardio since I frankly hate moving around that much and favor weight training over anything else. Lately, for some reason I could not place my finger on, I’ve had this extreme desire to go run and run hard. The impulse did not come from a spontaneously thought up New Year’s resolution or a necessity to get fit. My husband and I have always kept healthy habits and exercise routines. I was amazed at my needing to run and after some thought I realized that the impulse I’ve been feeling stems from the need to clean my thoughts.

¿Qué sientes?

Siento cómo late mi corazón. Sentir que mis pulmones aspiran el aire frío de la noche. Sentir que me doy una patada en el culo emocional y físicamente. Quiero la recompensa que me proporciona correr porque, además de los beneficios físicos, los beneficios psicológicos son los que me hacen querer salir a correr en el crepúsculo. Al final del día, después de innumerables horas jugando, entreteniendo, enseñando y cuidando a mi bebé de 9 meses, de energía desbordante, mis reservas de energía empiezan a estar totalmente agotadas. Honestamente, esto tiende a ocurrir alrededor de las 5 de la tarde.

I used to attempt in vain to load myself up with black coffee to complete my day. The problem with that is java only leads to more coffee, which contributes to edginess and jitters followed with a massive fat disposition (and energy) crash. It’s like coming down from a sugar high. I reached a point where I got fed up with that cycle. After dinner, bath time and putting the baby to bed I found myself turning into a couch potato. Sitting on my telephone scrolling through my Instagram feed just like a teen for hours.

Me sentí tonto y ridículo por la forma en que había estado pasando mi tiempo libre. Sentí que había llegado el momento de ser más honesta y consciente de mí misma, y de empezar a utilizar de forma más productiva el poco tiempo libre que tenía. Siento que dar un paso atrás y echar un buen vistazo a las costumbres que había estado formando es lo que me empujó inconscientemente a salir de casa, fuera de mi zona de confort, y a un mundo en el que persigo lo que me asusta de frente en lugar de evitarlo. Por supuesto, no fue fácil empezar.

Dale una oportunidad

El primer día mi marido y yo corrimos con el bebé. Hacía unos 20 grados en el exterior y el viento parecía agujas microscópicas que nos desgarraban lentamente los labios y los nudillos. Pudimos correr tres kilómetros. Eso puede no ser mucho para algunos, pero como ratas de gimnasio que no han completado ningún cardio respetable del que hablar en más de una década, estamos muy orgullosos.

El segundo día nos turnamos, pero ninguno de los dos fue capaz de completar una milla debido a lo mucho que nos habíamos esforzado el día anterior. El tercer día no pudimos correr en absoluto porque teníamos las piernas muy doloridas por la carrera del primer día. Pero el cuarto día optamos por lidiar con el espacio y la intensidad de nuestra carrera y nos aseguramos de controlar nuestra respiración, inhalando lenta y profundamente por la nariz y exhalando por la boca. No puedo expresar mi gratitud por nuestro mutuo estímulo para seguir adelante, porque hoy estamos haciendo pequeños progresos diarios y somos más eficaces y concentrados que nunca.

Descubrí que cuando terminaba de correr, me daba otro aire. Estaba increíblemente despierta, alerta y con la mente despejada. Me las arreglé para hacer todo lo que tenía que hacer con el impulso extra de energía que me proporcionó la carrera, todos mis pequeños recados, el trabajo, la escritura, el entrenamiento con pesas, etc. Mi estado de ánimo mejora enormemente. Es un impulso de energía y resistencia mental que me mantiene alimentado de una manera que el café nunca podría hacer.

From what I gather, most people who operate like to do this early in the morning or throughout the day. While I can understand the appeal to early morning running to get that boost to start the day, for me that burst of energy best serves me in the end of a long day of mothering. Rather than spending the night hours winding down before the tv or in my phone, my husband and I and all the baby bundled up in her jogging stroller and go out for a run. If the little one is sleeping with my husband and I will take turns running while the other stays home to listen out for the infant. For me it is the best end to a day.

Salud mental

My mind is cleared, my mood is enhanced, and I’m completely reinvigorated. As opposed to crashing from caffeine into a futile couch potato I will ease into comfort in a productive and healthy manner. It makes for a restful night’s sleep. Running forces me to reside in the moment. I experience living in the moment meaning that all my ideas and concerns I’ve built up before I begin my run dissipate that harder I push myself.

My busy and occasionally drifting thoughts are replaced with reminders to myself of my posture, or making sure I’m running with my entire foot instead of only on my tip-toes, or controlling my breathing, or telling myself to keep going till I reach that stop sign then the next. After my run I’ve got a much better perspective on the things that worried me before I put out. My worries may be resolved and it starts to seem absurd that I gave them the justification of being valid concerns. What’s amazed me the most about my new pattern is that the mental clarity I gain after I run.

When I decided to confront my fear of distress and lack of ability and began running last week it was not a necessity to escape that prompted me but a desire to push myself physically. Then when I got into it I realized it to push myself also meant I needed to push myself equally hard or more so emotionally. Since the advantages of conducting have become so critical to me I never let myself go more than two days without getting my fix.


Some nights we are simply not able to perform it usually due to family or social engagements, but to keep the habit I make certain to run every other day in the very least. If I feel too tired or not in the mood to run I remind myself just how long it actually takes and how wonderful I’ll feel after I’m done. I identify what I am doing as a justification, which pushes me further. Being tired laying on the sofa considering how tired I am drags out all night till I go to bed. But forcing myself to go out and look after my body and mind with a fast run is so uplifting that it puts me back into the condition of mind to be a better spouse and better mom.