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¿La acupresión alivia las migrañas?

Before reaching for that expensive and potentially dangerous bottle of painkillers you might choose to provide acupressure a try next time you experience a migraine headache. It’s totally secure and can often be an extremely effective way of reducing pain. Acupressure is a sort of massage that uses finger, thumb, or palm pressure on particular regions of the body in an attempt to promote healing, reduce pain, stimulate and regulate physiological functions, and bring about other valuable outcomes.


Acupressure concentrates on the identical physiological areas that acupuncture does, but it uses pressure rather than hooks. With the techniques we’ll be talking about in this report we’ll use either the pads of the thumb or two fingers to apply the pressure. When applying pressure you need to begin by pressing gently and directly in an area and then slowly increasing the amount of pressure till you’ve attained a comfy, but firm amount.

Never place enough pressure on any particular area that will lead to pain, particularly in the more sensitive areas like the face and head. Generally, you may want to maintain the pressure on every place until some relief is felt, but generally not more than 60 minutes. There are lots of different acupuncture points which could be used to relieve migraine pain. Since everyone is different, an area which will benefit one person might not benefit another.

¿Qué hacer?

Debido a esto es bueno experimentar y encontrar los puntos que funcionan para usted. Una vez que entiendas qué regiones funcionan para ti, puedes ejecutar la misma rutina en exactamente los mismos puntos de acupresión cada vez que construyas una migraña. Un punto de acupresión que ha mostrado grandes resultados del uso de la presión es el componente web carnoso de la mano situado entre el primer dedo y el pulgar.

Squeeze this area with your thumb and first finger of the other hand and take care of the pressure until relief is felt or 60 minutes has passed. Once you’re completed with one hand replicate the procedure with another hand. Another fantastic acupressure point for migraine headache pain is situated in the base of the skull on peak of the neck.

There are two points here, one on each side. To obtain these points, begin at the middle of the neck at the base of the skull and then move about one or two inches to each side. You’ll find an indentation on both sides of the neck just under the skull where pressure could be implemented with your thumbs. A third place that has shown great results for reducing headache pain is at the upper center of the mind. This point is seen as follows.

Draw an imaginary line from straight in front of one ear, over the upper center of the head, and down to a point directly in front of the other ear. Next, start at the middle of the forehead and draw another imaginary line straight up to the centre top of the mind. The point where these two imaginary lines meet is the next acupressure point. By applying direct pressure on acupressure points it is often possible to decrease the pain of a migraine headache.