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¿Cómo tratar la depresión sin medicamentos?

There is not one single individual in the whole world that has not gone through a period of depression in his life, so that feeling of despair or been reluctant to do something a part of life itself. However, sometimes depression can last from a few hours to full days or even weeks. It’s always advised that a case of acute depression must be treated by an expert, but in this guide we will see 4 effective suggestions on how to do something to look after this situation at the moment.

¿Lo sabías?

It’s scientifically proven that the mind can only focus on one thing at a time, therefore, when you’ve got a depressive thought is crucial to find an action that lets you replace that thought with another (a positive one). Therefore, the standard advice of”Just do not consider it” generally does not give good results. So knowing this, what can we do to take care of depression? If we are in a dark room, alone with our depressive thoughts, is certainly going to be more difficult to eliminate them.

Try to expose yourself to new outside things that will force you to think on other things: go visit a friend, visit the park to see people passing by and breathe fresh air from the surroundings. You may believe that this won’t work, but as soon as you’re in that location outside your”dark world” the senses of the mind are enlarged, letting you see new possibilities. This tip is extremely much like the one earlier, but is a good alternative in case you really don’t need to leave home. You may view an action or comedy film to divert yourself, but it is going to be of more help to find a self indulgent movie, which has a valuable lesson to learn from. Just relax and focus on the movie.

Lo que no hay que hacer y lo que sí hay que hacer

Don’t opt for any dramatic, romantic or tragic movie. This perhaps is one of the very best tips to escape a brief depression (and even is helpful with anxiety.) The psychological state of depression is generated because we believe that something is wrong with oneself. So the better way to stop focusing on you is to begin focusing in someone else.

Llama a un amigo o pariente que creas que puede necesitar tu ayuda y dale apoyo desinteresadamente. Centrarte en otra cosa que no sean tus propios problemas será estupendo para ti y al mismo tiempo otra persona se alegrará de que le hayas ayudado. Dos pájaros de un tiro.

According to some experts, the lack of happiness in a individual has been produced by the absence of two things: control and consistency in their lives. We feel bad when something happens in our lives we can not control or because we are doing something we believe makes no sense. Let your thoughts find the right response to this question.


La depresión es un estado psicológico grave, pero también temporal. Ahora tienes a tu alcance 4 formas distintas de empezar a tratar este problema de forma inmediata. Elige cualquiera de ellas y actúa hoy mismo. Por último, ten en cuenta que si tienes una depresión profunda es casi siempre una fantástica opción buscar un psicólogo. En contra de la opinión popular, la misión del psicólogo no es "hacerte saber lo que tienes que hacer" sino sólo servirte de guía para conseguir la solución a tu problema. La cruda realidad es que a veces otro individuo puede darse cuenta de algunas cosas obvias que usted en su no puede.