¿Sabes cómo prevenir el agotamiento?

With Music! The Art of Inexpressible Cosmic Therapy Glory! happens when one loses contact with his counterpoint. A constant melodious rhythm resonates in excellent unison (including all dissonance) in you constantly. So as to maintain, conserve and (execute without tiring) your personal strength, you’re commanded to learn the life rejuvenating rhythm of the passionate tune. No other song will suffice. The shock-absorbing tune imbues you with a of recognition, realization and reclamation that everything is okay, ALL RIGHT, however outer circumstances appear. You’re given fast glimpses every now and again, to reset your barometer if it has inadvertently wandered off course.

Temperatura cósmica interna

Para que tu alma florezca en esta vida, necesitas comprobar repetidamente tu termostato interno para medir si te has "congelado" o "estás hirviendo". Esta temperatura cósmica interna no tiene nada que ver con los acontecimientos externos. Aunque sí abarca, no está ligada a las relaciones personales, las finanzas o los dilemas psicológicos. Tu excesiva preocupación por estas cosas no la afecta. El "punto de ajuste" cósmico decide el "grado de indicación lírica" para que uno deje la ONENIDAD natural con su vida. Nunca coaccionará, forzará o solicitará tu aceptación o aventura. El reconocimiento de la invitación viene a través y por la apreciación sagrada, ¡simplemente! Para decirlo de otra manera, una vez que estés preparado cósmicamente para obtener más conocimiento de tu ser y de tus condiciones, lo harás. El grado de respuesta y aceptación que tengas en un momento dado determina la auténtica cualidad artística que tienes necesaria para evolucionar. Te quedas donde estás hasta que eres capaz de girar la esquina hacia la sagacidad no adulterada.

So as to turn this unabated corner, you’ll be faced with a deluge of unsettling emotions. These unadorned emotions activate reset buttons using up the available energy. To put it differently, constant bickering increases your storehouse of energy if not properly understood or assessed. Rage can be used constructively if channeled properly. Rage prevents debris and removes blockages. Rage does serve a useful role, but only when one knows that anger is sacred repressed creative energy. The misdirected form it chooses to take is to signal undisclosed components of your character needing artistic expression. These are latent talents surfacing in twisted ways.


Although you might think you’re busily engaged in several projects and relationships which are satisfying and stimulating, none are. With no conscious elevated musical involvement, nothing feeds the spirit or interests “IT” at all. You’re simply placating your own time, pacifying your mind, numbing your entire body with shallow distractions. That’s why you’re bored, tired, and exhausted. You’ve lost your innate momentum since the direction where you were led is closed down. Why do you suppose that is so?

It’s time to “turn the corner” STOP SPINNING WHEELS! If YOU can but recognize this temporary turbulence as the door into something altogether different but more in line with your own heavenly symphony, more lively conducive musical energy will re-surge. You have to accept the cosmic : You’re being directed, gently nudged, to divert your route; find another alternative. Stop banging your head against the wall in an attempt to continue to your preconceived desirable plans.

Another door of opportunity stands visible in plain sight but you’re just too tired to view it. You’ve allowed yourself to become anesthetized, while at exactly the exact same time hoping to present a curious persona. You expend so much valuable vital energy trying to convince yourself that the job, individual, issue, or strategy is truly worth your time, investment, and focus. Wrong. No such boat. You soul KNOWS and won’t settle for anything less than ultimate ‘natural and convenient’ pleasure no matter what. The question lies before you: IS what you are presently involved in value it to you? Are you having fun: the period of your life? Since THESE are the times of your life you are exchanging. Or, are you so focused on the outcome you have lost sight of just how much energy you’re investing rather than paying attention to how tired you have become? Look at the lines in your . Do you smile less? When is the last time you laughed out loud? Hard!!! You might not care about what you are doing; does it MATTER? Are you living the consequence or are you awaiting one? Nothing comes without chains, shackles, inconsistent needs when one needs to strive so wretchedly because of its attainment. It’s no different than being hooked to a harmful deadly medication of some type.

Ama lo que haces

El hombre o la mujer no son libres de actuar por sí mismos. Se ve impulsado sin piedad a luchar y a conseguir logros. El TRABAJO es, en efecto, una verdadera alegría, pero no si no se AMA el trabajo. Así que gran cosa si se asegura el máximo, mejor, más rápido, más brillante, más bonito, más rico objetivo ofrecido, ¿qué entonces? Olvídate de la carga de absolución que implica la personalidad, el comportamiento y el pronunciamiento de uno mientras se persigue de forma oscura un objetivo sin sentido. Experimenta una sensación de estar adelgazado, agobiado y ferozmente bloqueado en una enmarañada red de tejido fibroso. Cuanto más se esfuerza por conseguir, más se retrasa. Los errores, los cálculos erróneos y los accidentes invaden su espacio y su cabeza. Enfadado y desmotivado, se desgañita en rachas de burlas malhabladas. ¿Qué medidas viables puede elegir para liberarse de esta horrible red de desesperación creada por él mismo? ¿Restablecer la vida vital alentando una energía robusta y estimulante? Negarse a moverse o apresurarse. Caminar más despacio; observar los árboles, el canto de los pájaros, los colores del cielo. Bajar el tono de su voz. Bajo ninguna circunstancia debe participar en otro "acto de bondad" a menos que sea completamente "natural y conveniente" para él realizarlo.

Pequeñas cosas que hacer

Do no favors. Don’t utter another negative noise. If prompted to react hatefully, smile and laugh till internal resolve shows up. Decrease the majority of meals; remove excessive speaking, refuse to be on 24 hour call. Say “NO,” even though it makes him feel uneasy. Don’t comment on petty things though used by habit to do so. Limit telephone conversations to 3 minutes. Know about sensations when talking. Drink a lot of . Take an Epsom salt and rosemary bath using a lighted pink candle once weekly for 6 weeks. Write. Draw. Sing. Dance. LISTEN to MUSIC! Hum while driving, walking, cleaning, working, showering. Sing some more. Go to the movies. Eat Cotton Candy; Ice Cream, chew some bubble gum. Whatever brings back that feeling of joy and liberty without neurotic fretting de lo que le hará si hace esto. Respire profunda y sensualmente. Llegue hasta el armario cuando deba implorar por el lanzamiento de su terquedad autocontenida, su mentalidad delincuente de cambio y su negativa a someterse al giro de la esquina. Escuche y suba el volumen del saxofón para chillar cualquier señal de que lo está agotando. Abre las ventanas de su corazón y de su cabeza para permitir que el Placer Musical Cósmico Divino Arrebatador entre en su alma.