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¿Cómo afrontar la depresión?

Therapy and medication are two famous approaches to treat depression, but you may be surprised to find out about a few basic procedures that can give you a lift without involving an expert. Try at least one of these natural techniques to find relief from depression symptoms whenever you want it. It might appear too simple to be true, but only a brisk walk a few times around the block can do lots of positive things for your mood.

Distraction factor

It can be a fantastic way to distract yourself from the depression as well as the things that trigger it. When you end up moving, you’re very likely to have a little distance from the surroundings where you’re feeling low. The planet also looks a bit different once you’re whizzing by it at a faster pace. When your blood begins to pump and your breath quickens, it becomes tougher to ruminate and concentrate on specific things in mind. If you must pay more attention to your walking course and maintaining your balance, your mind will not have the capacity to also concentrate on your negative thoughts or feelings.

Despite what busy men and women attempt to do, they aren’t keeping track of two things at once since the mind simply can not do it. Sometimes all it takes is a little disturbance in your thoughts to interrupt the momentum of a gloomy mood. Additionally, it is widely understood that lively exercise, even just a small amount, releases the natural feel-good compounds in the body called endorphins.

Toma nota

No te preocupes si no escribes por afición o para tu trabajo. No vas a enviar este ejercicio escrito a nadie para que lo juzgue. Imagina tu melancolía como una especie de monstruo o ser que tiene vida propia. Considera tus sentimientos, tus pensamientos, las acciones que eliges o evitas y todo tu comportamiento cuando estás deprimido. Cuando hayas tenido tiempo para asimilarlo, redacta tu carta. Puede ser directamente a tu depresión, o puedes escribir a un ser querido sobre ella.

Recuerda que no es una carta destinada a que la lea nadie, así que puedes ser libre con lo que dices. Cuéntale a tu melancolía lo que piensas de ella, o explícaselo a otro individuo. Sólo escribe lo que te salga como expresión normal. No juzgues si tu escrito es malo o bueno. A menudo, la gente se siente tan abrumada por su melancolía que parece formar parte de ella. Después de escribir, es posible que te sientas más capacitado para retomar tu vida. Esta poderosa técnica, utilizada ocasionalmente en el asesoramiento sobre la depresión, puede proporcionarle una nueva comprensión de las razones y el grosor de su enfermedad.


When you are depressed, maybe the last thing you would consider is going out of your way for somebody else. After all, you are the one hurting and coping with daily misery. Remember the way your mind can’t concentrate on two things at once? This comes into play when you do something for others. Step into another person’s shoes for a minute and see what could make their day better. Is there something considerate you may say? Could you provide help with a job they should finish? Is there something sort you may do that this individual would truly appreciate? If just for a minute, you have focused on somebody else more than yourself. Doing so can bring a surprising quantity of meaning and satisfaction in your life. It’s a really efficient way to distract yourself from the depression when creating something positive in your life.