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Can Kefir Grains Boost The Immune System?

Boosting your immune system is a easy thing to do. You can begin with the fundamentals: drinking a great deal of water, eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, quitting smoking and drinking to excess, getting exercise and avoiding saturated fats in addition to maintaining at a healthy weight.

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Once these basic actions are taken there are different ways you can assist your body in fighting off viruses and infections, in addition to coping with the stress that could weaken your immune system and cause sickness to install. The body has several methods of fighting infectious diseases, and you can help with this by working out preventative steps prior to getting sick. These are known as”biotics” what Webster’s dictionary defines as “pertaining to life”.

When we get sick, anything from the common cold to influenza or pneumonia, we frequently, depending on the seriousness of the situation, either take suppressants to stifle the indicators or bombard it with”anti” biotics (anti-life) which not only kill the signs but also weaken the immune system and foster a dependence on the medication. This is short-sighted, although it aids in severe cases there are techniques to fortify the body’s natural defenses until it reaches there.


Pro-biotics use the immune system to strengthen it before pharmaceutical drugs are required, and when started early enough may prevent the necessity of suppressants or, in more severe cases, anti-biotics to fight illnesses particularly in children, whom it is possible to support with these natural defenses early and spare your family expensive trips to physicians who will often just prescribe antibiotics rather than natural, preventative remedies.

Adding probiotics to your diet will include “good bacteria” that work with the body to not only help you digest foods but also clean out your digestive tract and eliminate impurities that could weaken your defenses and make you vulnerable to numerous pathogens. Using kefir grains, natural bacteria first used by tribes in the Caucasus mountains to preserve milk and still in use today to deal with numerous health problems all over the world, can help you in a variety of ways, such as strengthening your immune system with its blend of healthful bacteria, proteins and lipids, along with yeasts and anti-fungal properties.


Additionally, it comprises an amino acid called tryptophan, in addition to vitamin B-12, vitamin K, and vitamin. Much of bad or good health is a choice, and the more care you take to help your body’s natural defense against germs and pathogens off the better you will be. Taking steps now to add probiotics to your diet may radically reduce not just digestive problems but also pathogens such as frequent colds, flu’s and such, which if not caught early can develop into more serious ailments that will require strong medicines like antibiotics to treat. Kefir grains, in addition to other probiotic foods work together with your body’s natural defenses, restoring the balance of your internal ecosystem to maintain optimum health and a strong, vibrant immune system.