¿Qué hace el VIH en tu cuerpo?

A good deal of people around the world are infected with and afflicted by HIV. We’re all constantly warned about HIV but we’re seldom actually told what occurs when we contract HIV. If you wish to understand what HIV really does to you then you might want to read on. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. The name is sort of self-explanatory. Let us take a close look. Human would suggest that the virus only infects people.

This is true

Although the virus is thought to have originated in primates in Africa it mutated as it came into contact with people and only infects humans. There’s a disease called feline HIV but this isn’t the exact same virus. It’s the immunodeficiency component of the title that tells you how HIV will affect you. Since it’s a virus it requires other cells to replicate. It can’t breed without the mobile material offered by the CD4 cells of the human immune system. This cell is a very important part of our immune systems.

Es bueno saberlo

Once this occurs you become vulnerable to a wide selection of other ailments as your immune system isn’t able to fight the viruses and bacteria that cause these other disorders. It’s these disorders, most commonly tuberculosis and pneumonia, that kill you in the long term, not HIV itself. This is the reason there’s a difference between getting HIV and having AIDS. AIDS is the condition where your body is no longer able to shield itself from the other viruses and bacteria in the environment.

You can be HIV positive but show no consequences for quite a long time. The length of the seemingly dormant period will be based on the activity of this virus and the strength of your immune system. Some of us are blessed and the virus they are infected with doesn’t cause sufficient harm to weaken their immune system. They can still pass on the virus to others though who might not be so lucky.


As I am certain that you know, HIV is passed along through the exchange of body fluids. Particularly body fluids which contain the CD4 cells. Saliva, by way of instance, does not include sufficient live cells to transmit the disease yet breast milk may. If you’re still wondering if HIV is harmful or not you’ve obviously not been paying much attention. There’s no cure for HIV at present and as soon as you have the virus on your system it’s simply a matter of time. It might take years, but the virus will get you in the long run. Rather be safe and avoid sex with individuals that are HIV positive or even getting into contact with the body fluids of a person whose status you don’t know.

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