¿Puedes seguir tu sabiduría interior?

Es posible que tenga la that scientific knowledge is actual knowledge based on truth, but this isn’t what actually happens. Many scientific studies are based on suppositions and theories, besides being based on evaluations with doubtable info.

Importancia de

The scientific community of the historic time analyzes the significance of dreams from an external standpoint. This is the reason our scientists ignore the actual significance of dreams and their purposes. You’ve got to learn the fantasy language so as to know the significance of dreams. You will discover with your words. My and my discoveries concerning the meaning of dreams demonstrate our dreams can be totally understood and give us valuable una vez que conocemos el significado real del lenguaje de los sueños, que fue descubierto por Carl Jung.

Después de seguir con precisión sus medidas y mejor the significance of dreams, I began just obeying the divine guidance. I’m transmitting to the world what I could find out since I was obedient, and not because I was more intelligent than ordinary men and women. I was a really good student. I was very serious and extremely obedient. I knew that I was dumb and I had to obey the divine guidance for my own security.

This is the reason the knowledge I’m giving you shows you lots of truths which the world hides from the eyes. The meaning of your dreams makes it possible to learn many truths you dismiss just because your dreams are made by God. Carl Jung had reasoned that the mind which produces our fantasies is God’s head, but he did not have a . Era un científico que admitía la existencia de una verdad espiritual. Sin embargo, estudió todo desde un punto de vista científico. Muchas veces escribió en sus libros que se anticipaba a las explicaciones de los teólogos para las cosas que tenían una importancia espiritual. Esta no era su especialidad.

Comportamiento basado en la sabiduría

The value of the dream messages is extraordinary exactly because they come from God. You’re assisted in crucial matters. You learn how to transform your character, and how to arrange your in a positive manner. You have a global vision of your own reality. You don’t stick to the narrow-minded theories of your historic moment. You do not make the mistakes of people who follow the lies of this hypocritical world. You behave based on wisdom.

La sabiduría es la comprensión de lo que es verdadero o correcto junto con el juicio justo; el discernimiento. Para ser sabio debes guiarte por los pensamientos divinos subconscientes en tus sueños, ya que no sabes lo que es verdadero o correcto. Por otro lado, tu juicio depende de tu anti-conciencia, que es tu conciencia loca. Cometes muchos errores, sin entender esta verdad. La mente inconsciente te ayudará a dejar de ser una víctima de tu yo loco, y una víctima de este mundo hipócrita. Tu mente se vuelve aparente. No te molestan las ideas negativas e idiotas de tu anticonciencia. Entonces, puedes concentrarte en lo que es crítico para ti.

Dream translation based on the scientific method is a process of mind La transformación emocional, y . You understand how to tame your violent animal nature, and find . This procedure helps you in a lot of ways since you stop being blind. You begin seeing what is behind the apparent reality. For example, you might know that most individuals do not tell you their real ideas, but you do not pay as much attention to this issue. You merely have a defensive mindset, without deeply analyzing everything that everybody says. This appears to be a tiring clinic, and you might even forget what everybody said. However, if you will get accustomed to paying attention to different revealing details in everybody’s behaviour and address, you may remember what they said, and understand why. Your dreams can allow you to improve your . A continuación, aprenderás a interpretar el significado simbólico de diferentes detalles de tu realidad cotidiana de la misma manera que interpretas los sueños.

Lugar de transformación

Nada ocurre por casualidad en nuestro mundo, ya que es un lugar de transformación. Los escritos científicos le ayudan a reconocer la and death because they correctly interpret God’s words in dreams. This is the reason you’ve got a entire picture of your reality. The knowledge you’ve relates science to , philosophy, and art. The narrow-minded theories of the scientific community of the historic time cannot help you understand your complicated reality. Now that I was able to simplify Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation you have a powerful tool at your disposal. You will easily learn what I could learn just after making an arduous study, besides learning everything that Carl Jung could detect.

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