¿Por qué es importante que los alumnos se sientan bien en su estudio de yoga?

I once knew a great and charismatic yoga instructor that taught in a local gym. While the yoga courses were only part of the gym’s real attention, they were extremely popular and well known with people of all ages. You had to get to class at least 10 minutes early or else there would not be a space for you to maneuver. Her courses were always packed every week no matter what.

Warm Atmosphere

This teacher emphasized the entire experience of this class – not only the asanas. She created a warm atmosphere by dimming the lights, light candles, and playing music. At the start of each course she would tell everybody, “Forget about everything that you have do this week, today, or tomorrow and pay attention to your breathing and relaxing.”

She had a quiet confidence that radiated from her in a way that made students feel “I wish to be like her.” We’ve got all known educators like this – maybe you’re one yourself. At one stage, she left the centre in pursuit of other targets.

Her replacement, while richly proficient in the technical aspects of teaching yoga, lacked the charm and magnetism of her predecessor. The studio that was packaged every Tuesday and Thursday shortly held only a couple of hopefuls somehow needing the power to return. Eventually, the gym decided to eliminate the yoga program altogether due to poor attendance.

Inspiring People

It’s important to understand that just half of a teacher’s job is teaching, the other half is inspiring students in a manner that creates the very best experience for them. There are times when it’s okay to sacrifice more advanced technical skills at a teacher for the instructor who has character and “magical” about her, but might not be as proficient in advanced technique. It’s much more important to a new student they feel encouraged and directed by a charismatic teacher, compared to their teacher’s ability to perform amazing advanced poses.

Lets say, for instance, you want to try something new in your life like fishing. You get to the fishing shop and you do not really know what to buy or even how to fish. All the salespeople are assisting people that are experienced fishermen and do not even glance on your way or admit you. After being ignored for some time, you decide possibly fishing is not really for you even though you have not actually tried it. The shop may not realize they might have lost a potentially good customer who could have become an expert in fishing. You’d have continued to purchase new lineup, poles, tackle, and other gear from the shop on a weekly basis if they’d helped you.

Now imagine a different scenario. When you walked into the shop someone immediately approached you and asked if they could assist you in any way. After showing you what gear you would need for fishing and describing how to use everything, you felt confident about trying this new action. The salesperson made you feel as though they cared about your requirements, and also you had a good laugh with them. From then on you partner this fantastic feeling with this specific store, and decide you will continue to purchase from this shop because of your initial positive experience.

While the practice of yoga is somewhat different from searching for fishing equipment, the expertise of the consumer has a great deal in common. We like to do things that feel great. Part of this is the technical aspect, but the rest is all the other stuff that goes on round the action. A first time client is simply trying to get what they want and to know that someone actually cares to assist them.

Nice yoga experience

Simply by making students feel welcome in your class you’ve already started to create a nice yoga experience for them. Students will trust a teacher that’s patient and caring with them as they think that the teacher truly wishes to see them do better. This trust will undoubtedly be passed along to their friends, who are also interested in yoga, and they might become pupils too sooner or later. The more students you’ve got the more prosperous your studio can be. A yoga studio should always want their pupils to return to classes and revel in their time during, before, and after class. There are a number of ways to offer a fantastic experience for the student. It’s imperative to have at least a few positive-energy, charismatic teachers that will draw and keep pupils. Remember, you can send somebody into a workshop to increase their technical ability, but you can not really teach charisma.

Another vital component is having warm and friendly front desk personnel that can help students with any concerns which they may have. These employees are those which will set a positive association and make good feelings about the total studio and classes. Another thought to create a feeling of warmth and community out of courses is by giving students an incentive to stay longer. Offer coffee, tea, biscuits, etc. in a seating area where people can socialize before or after class. You might even be able to have different regional stores offer these daily (at no cost or reduced price ) in exchange for a sign with their name on it, for placing free coupons or ads on the table beside them, or in exchange for free classes.

If you do not have a waiting/community area out the space where courses are educated, have a 15-minute split between courses for people to interact. Yoga has a method of breaking down barriers and relaxing individuals so they feel comfortable around fellow pupils. Giving them the time and space to socialize will enable them to appreciate their experience of the course even more. Have front desk staff introduce new students to their teacher to make them feel welcome.

By making a familiarity with other pupils, a new student will feel a sense of belonging with the studio and look forward to their next class. As a studio owner, your objective is to create an environment which makes people want to come before course and stay late. It’s not only about the yoga – it is about how people feel when they’re in your studio, even what they feel when they consider it later in the day. One of the keys to a successful studio is developing an environment where the student’s experience as a whole is really exceptional.

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