¿Cómo tratar la depresión para siempre?

You will realize that you suffer from depression if you’re always sad, and in case you’ve got no motivation to do anything. Sadness is part of human life, but when we are unable to find solutions and conquer it, we tend to be dominated by grief. If you’re desperate, it follows that you feel that there’s not any solution to your problem; you feel imprisoned in a labyrinth and there’s absolutely not any way out.


If that is the feeling you have, this is a indication that you suffer with depression. Depression is a normal response once we understand that we can’t change anything in the world where we are. We can’t change other people’s behaviour, nor cure invincible ailments or prevent accidents. However, if we do not conquer this feeling believing that we could do something and find salvation, we’re dominated by despair.

El dominio de la pena aumenta nuestra melancolía y genera pánico. Si suele estar dominado por la pena todo el tiempo, ha perdido todas las agallas y no necesita seguir viviendo, son indicios de que padece una depresión y necesitará tratamiento. No se trata de una mera sensación de impotencia provisoria.

El poder del sueño

Afortunadamente, hay una solución mágica para usted. Gracias a un nuevo descubrimiento científico basado en el sueño, podríamos eliminar por completo la desesperación y la depresión y prevenir todos los trastornos mentales.

This remedy cures the individual psyche. It transforms the world, cures all diseases and mental disorders, and puts a stop to terrorism, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, futility, indifference, poverty, tragic accidents and invincible ailments. By imitating the meaning of your dreams you enter in touch with the subconscious mind which produces them. You will then start to comprehend the wise messages found in the fantasy images.

Mente subconsciente

The subconscious mind is a superior mind and thing that proves the existence of God, the presence of goodness, and the presence of genuine happiness. There’s hope for the human being! The significance of our dreams is so extremely important, despite the fact that it’s been distorted throughout time, until today.

Only the psychiatrist Carl Jung was able to discover the true code for a perfect dream translation, demonstrating that his interpretations allowed to the dreamer to have a communication with the subconscious mind. However, until today lots of people doubt he was right. My work demonstrates that Carl Jung really discovered how we could correctly translate our dreams and understand the unconscious messages. I continued his research and found the unconscious mind is much more significant than what he thought. The psychotherapy of the subconscious mind on your fantasies will cure your depression and allow you to become more intelligent.


At exactly the exact same time, it is going to purify your spirit. The remedy for depression based on scientific dream interpretation is also a philosophical and spiritual transformation no matter the faith you stick to. It’s a spiritual transformation that will occur regardless of whether you are an agnostic or an atheist. All religions explain part of the intricate truth of the meaning of death and life and assist the human being achieve spiritual perfection. If you’re an atheist you’ll discover why you need religiosity on your life, besides scientific knowledge. You’ll feel much better for understanding that there is also a spiritual fact, aside from the material one.


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