¿Cómo curar el acné desde dentro?

It’s absolutely maddening! Here comes another one of those evil red lumps surfacing right where I want red nasty lumps, on my face. If you’re one of us unfortunate souls who is proned to acne you understand my frustration.


Acne affects not just teenagers, I’m 44 years old and still struggling with it but just once I stubbornly try to do without the little jewel of a vitamin supplement that I’m going to share with you. Yes it’s true there’s a simple vitamin which will cure acne.

What’s this vitamin? It’s vitamin B-5 also called pantothenic acid. A scientific study was conducted in Singapore by Lit – Hung Leung, M.D.. The research was designed to observe the effects of pantothenic acid . Of the 100 patients in the study all of these experienced a near 100 percent remission of the acne. I will briefly sum up the findings of the study.

Pantothenic acid is one of three elements of an extremely important coenzyme, coenzyme-A. 2-sex hormone synthesis. When there’s a lack of pantothenic acid in the diet there’s a lack of coenzyme-A production within the body. When an inadequate quantity of coenzyme-A exists something’s gotta give. Oil then accumulates in the skins sebaceous glands. Secretion of sebum, a thick, gummy oil, is raised.


Pores become clogged with a mixture of sebum, skin cells and bacteria causing pimples. All this perfectly explains why teens and young adults are prone to acne as hormone production is best in those years therefore a greater demand for coenzyme-A of that pantothenic acid is a part. In the analysis 10 grams of pantothenic acid was given to every patient each day at least. This is 20 – 500 milligram capsules every day.

This dosage might appear high but based on what I’ve read and from my personal experience and that of my 19 year old son that has been taking it for more than two decades, it’s perfectly safe. In the study the subjects also implemented a pantothenic acid cream and while this may have quickened results I’ve seen firsthand that excellent results can be achieved with only the capsules.


It’s suggested to have a B vitamin addition since taking a high dose of a single B vitamin can result in a deficiency of other B vitamins. I take one B-50 capsule every day. I order my malic acid on the internet from Swansons Health Products, be certain that you get 500 milligram capsules not 50 mgs. This guide is for information purposes. Do your own research and make an educated decision.


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