¿Existen tratamientos eficaces y seguros para la depresión?

By translating your personal dreams in line with the scientific method you will find out why you’re depressed and what you have to do so as to find peace and happiness. You may believe you know why you’re depressed, but the subconscious mind which produces your dreams will provide you a new vision about everything.

¿Qué está pasando?

In case you can’t understand what’s happening to you, the subconscious mind will provide you lots of explanations, without fatigue. You may ask the very same questions many times, and get many different answers that will explain to you the exact same truth from different angles. The subconscious mind is the best teacher and physician you could ever find. You only have to understand how to interpret the fantasy language to your own language, as you do when you deal with any foreign language. When you understand this mechanism, your fantasies will speak with you, providing you with advice all of the time.

The subconscious mind which produces your fantasies is living, and as a teacher and physician, keeps showing you everything you will need to learn so you might stop feeling helpless and sad, and find wisdom, peace, health, love and joy. For example, you find a dream in which you’re climbing a mountain and there’s a lot of fog everywhere. If you know the fantasy language, you instantly understand that this scene means that you’re facing an essential challenge in your life, and you need to show courage.

Foggy mind

Since there’s too much fog around you, it follows that you don’t have any real notion of the value of this challenge. Therefore, you understand that you need to be quite serious and keep going with determination. This notion will provide you objectivity and relief at the exact same time, since you’ll know that what you’re doing is really very significant. On the other hand, if you find yourself flying in the air as though you were a bird, then you will understand that you’re far from reality, imagining unreal things. You’ll correct your mindset, getting more realistic.

Your own dreams will provide you valuable advice about what is happening to you, and about what is happening to the people that you care about. You’ll have information about what is going to happen in the future, concerning the meaning of life and death, and a number of other things which are beyond your understanding now. Your free and secure physician, that has eternal patience and boundless wisdom, will reveal to you everything which you ignore, changing your sad and empty life into an exciting lifestyle, filled with accomplishments, and satisfaction. Your depression will completely disappear in a really short time period that varies from two to eight months of psychotherapy.


This is the quickest and safest treatment from the world, and you get it completely free of charge, on your dreams. You don’t have any reason to be scared of the fantasy language now I have very much simplified the system of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, changing it into a really clear, fast and easy process of dream translation. I even give you a little dictionary of dream symbols in one of my ebooks and lots of examples of dreams, in addition to the biography of the dreamers. You see entire treatments which were carried on through fantasy translation.


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