¿Es nuestro cuerpo pura luz?

Modern physics knows and accepts that all matter is a set of atoms vibrating at particular frequencies. These frequencies are quantifiable and determinate. In other words matter is light slowed down that creates a seemingly frozen or fixed state of being. This applies to your body also.

Our body as a mass of energy

Our bodies, when considered as a mass of energy that’s really light begs the question – where is the light? Why can’t we see it? Although our light is visible under exceptionally powered microscopes, fact is that as human beings we are now operating at less vital energy than that which is potentially available to people, generating a substantially reduced amount of light.

Thus we look as merely mass, very compact and void of light. This is the planet that looks real and strong to us. It’s within this domain of reduced potential, this kingdom of low frequency, which we encourage in fear, doubt, worry, illness and disease. Every world religion and sacred tradition retains a place for the light body in various terms.

Otherwise known as the resurrection body, the glorified body, the diamond body, the celestial body, the luminous body, the gold body, the solar body, it is always presented as an ultimate educated version of ourselves. In our present culture we’ve largely forgotten about this saying of ourselves, oblivious of its’ importance and hence forth of the need to nurture and keep it.

Our light body

Even of people who do know of it, few are ready to own it as their truest potential expression. The light body consists of a fine ethereal type of energy which co-exists within the carbon-based kind of biological flesh and matter that we’re knowledgeable about. Until recently science has managed to ignore the existence of the light body, but now with medical science and practices changing before our eyes, and other therapies addressing the demands of the body’s vital life force energies, we find that we have to be open-minded.

Metaphysicians and mystics have long discussed activating and stimulating the body. Visionaries, mediums and psychics have reported seeing many diverse variations of the light body and auras for centuries. Today we’re having a graduated increase of light inside the human body as our overall awareness increases. This is synonymous with an increase in our vibratory rate. Higher frequency equals more mild. The planet and all her dependent life forms are evolving towards a higher state of energy and power. Humankind is evolving physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We can learn how to become involved with this procedure for our own comfort or refuse this procedure, continue believing and doing as we’ve always done and thereby become increasingly vulnerable to cycles of pain and distress. Health and stability will be dependent on your willingness to become educated.


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