¿Cuáles son los usos habituales de las esencias florales de Bach?

For centuries, our ancestors used natural remedies to help people with physical or . These formulas were passed from generation to generation for centuries before modern medicine came into being. Modern medicine, while it saves lives and does wonders, may be missing out on the possible benefits associated with natural health solutions.

¿Qué son las esencias florales de Bach?

Las esencias florales de Bach deben su nombre al Dr. Edward Bach, un médico británico. Era un médico de gran éxito, pero se sentía preocupado por la tendencia de la medicina moderna a centrarse en la enfermedad, en contraste con la salud del paciente en su conjunto. Dejó su consulta en 1930 y se dedicó a y to discovering natural remedies. Dr. Bach discovered that there were 38 essences that could unblock the natural health potential in himself and his patients. These 38 essences corresponded to different mental conditions and were composed of herbal extracts.

Bach Flower Essences are natural remedies made with a natural procedure. Natural wild flower infusions are inserted to spring water by massaging it in or by boiling it. Hand made in England, the 38 Bach Flower Essences are maintained using grape brandy.

El principio en el que se basa el uso de remedios naturales como las Esencias Florales de Bach es que existe una conexión mente-cuerpo. Si la mente está en , then the body will even return to a healthy condition. This natural health approach relies on the concept that dispelling negative feelings such as anger, anxiety, and indecisiveness will permit the body to heal itself.

Most animal lovers will tell you that animals also feel emotions. You can tell if your dog is depressed or anxious or if he feels angry or jealous. Animal behaviour is also influenced by these emotions, so it important to acquire animal emotions in . Bach Flower Essences are just one way to help restore emotional equilibrium on your .

Flores de Bach en el embarazo

Both your and you doctor will tell you that you need to be careful what you eat while pregnant. There’s a long list of banned foods and drugs. However, Bach Flower Essences aren’t on that list. They promote natural health and are safe for expectant moms. Pregnancy is a time of great emotional turmoil, which makes it also an essential time to think about natural remedies for emotional difficulties. Hormonal imbalances and simply adjusting to the condition of pregnancy can lead to rush of feelings that are difficult to process and may result in health issues.

Flores de Bach para niños y bebés

Bach Flower Essences are among the safest ways to manage these concerns. Childhood is frequently described as a carefree time, but the majority of us understand that simply is not correct. Children, especially the kids of today, feel stressed and depressed occasionally. These feelings may result in greater health issues and needs to be solved as quickly and easily as possible. Since you don’t want to endanger your child’s with any unnecessary substances, natural remedies are a fantastic way to restore equilibrium to your child’s . Las Esencias Florales de Bach son completamente seguras para los niños y los bebés.


Conventional medicine is extremely powerful in many areasnonetheless, there’s a trend, as Dr. Bach found, for many medical physicians to concentrate on treating specific physical ailments, as opposed to looking deeper into the patient’s psychological wellbeing. Moreover, medical treatments frequently carry warnings about and dangerous overdoses. Natural remedies are a lot safer and offer a complementary treatment to routine medical care.


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