¿Qué hay que saber sobre el acné?

Many people wrongly believe that acne is caused by poor hygiene or poor eating habits. This is most likely the most spread acne myth. This stressful skin disease is truly triggered by overproduction of the oil within the human skin.

Cambios hormonales

Hormones and genetics may possibly also lead to acne, but this are only minor aspects. Acne the majority of the time starts to look around puberty when hormones begin to work and generally goes away when puberty is over. But there’s also form called”adult acne” and this can bother for the rest of your life. It may appear anywhere on your body, but most frequent are face, shoulders and neck. Also it’s not dangerous and it does not heart, but it’s unsightly (particularly on face) and therefore stressful for people who suffer with it.

Therefore the perfect therapy and skin care are so crucial. There’s lot of minor acne causes as allergies, anxiety or even weather. There’s lot of minor acne causes as allergies, anxiety or even weather. Poor hygiene isn’t helping too, but isn’t confirmed as the cause. You can discover that there’s lot of acne treatment options and methods you have. You also need to understand that acne is somehow unique for everybody, so not every product or treatment needs to be appropriate for you. For mild acne, wash your face several times every day. Three of four times a day should be enough to assist you.

OTC products

Some OTC (over-the-counter) products are suggested also. Search for the ones that contain benzoyl peroxide. Always read the booklets included in the package of each item, because some side effects such as redness could appear. Or speak with your physician about it. Because this skin disease is indeed wide-spread over the Earth, the scientists are constantly discovering new treatments to eliminate it. If you suffer from moderate or severe acne, consider to see your doctor since the fundamental OTC products likely won’t help you.

The skin specialist will look over your skin (associate a grade to it) and tell you how intense it is and prescribe you some therapy product. Then you just follow his advice. They could include topical medications as lotions, soaps or dyes, but also antibiotics. He has many choices to pick from, so he’ll select those special to you acne type and its quality. You need to care more about the ideal skin care than about acne triggers.

Natural Products

Go for organic products not damaging your skin. They should also be oil-free. Always clean your face from the perspiration after you exercise. Also when dealing with acne on the face, consider to not use any cosmetics as it might worsen the symptoms. Try to use a skin cleaning product before going to sleep. Never squeeze your pimples, it is going to make it only worse and you’re also risking some disease. Also you’re risking discoloration and scarring are far more challenging to take care of. Don’t scrub your face additionally, it will not assist you and make the general condition even worse. Try to touch your face with your hands as little as possible and always have them clean before you touch it.


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