El sumatriptán es un medicamento utilizado para el tratamiento de la migraña y las cefaleas en racimo. Ilustración 3d

¿Son buenos los triptanes para tratar las migrañas?

For many millions of individuals who suffer with migraines finding an effective remedy has been difficult and has taken a substantial time. Even after years of study there’s absolutely no miracle , but a new class of drugs called triptans are as close to a miracle cure as we’ve come for these often intensely painful headaches that could strike at any moment.


The triptans are a sort of that’s chemically similar to , which is itself a that’s to play a role in causing migraines. Like many drug treatments, success often comes from developing a compound that’s chemically similar to a naturally occurring compound in the y utilizarlo para aumentar los niveles en el cuerpo en los momentos en que aparecen los síntomas. En este caso, los triptanes se adhieren a los receptores en los que normalmente se descubriría la bioquímica natural del cuerpo, pero se comportan de forma ligeramente diferente para aliviar los síntomas.

Technically triptans are in a class of drugs called 5-HT1B/1D agonists. Although these new medications have been proven to be effective in many cases of migraine there are some studies that suggest they are more effective for migraine sufferers who lack . For those men and women who do experience through an attack triptans may continue to be successful, but they ought to be taken as soon as possible following the onset of a migraine and preferably within no longer than about 20 minutes after the appearance of symptoms. Oftentimes migraine sufferers experience what’s called an ‘aura’ before the onset of the and this isn’t just the warning sign of an approaching headache but also the cue to begin treatment.

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Although not all victims will experience a feeling for the ones that do it varies widely but is basically a visual disturbance consisting of such things as viewing spots or flashing lights. Triptan drugs were first introduced during the 1990s and there are now various diverse kinds of these drugs available under an assortment of different commercial names.

One quite common treatment is sumatriptan, which is sold under the brand name of Imitrex. This first generation of medication proved very powerful but still didn’t quite do the trick in addition to physicians would have desired and so now we see another generation of more effective triptans. These include zolmitriptan (marketed as Zomig) and rizatriptan (marketed as Maxalt). These next generation drugs are often known as ‘aborters’ or ‘interrupters’ since they are intended to prevent a migraine in its early stages and until it builds into the intense and pulsating que es tan familiar para los que sufren de migraña.

Second generation triptans are favored by many victims because they don’t need to be obtained before the coming of the headache, which can be tricky to predict as symptoms aren’t always very pronounced. Additionally, they are effective for a longer time period, which is also essential for those people whose migraines can last for days as opposed to hours. Triptans can also help relieve or remove other migraine symptoms like nausea and .


Otro problema que a menudo se presenta con los medicamentos convencionales tomados en forma de píldora es que requieren que usted tenga a mano para tomar la píldora y tomar tiempo para funcionar ya que la píldora se descompone y se absorbe en el . Many of the new triptans however, such as rizatriptan (advertised as Maxalt), can be found in a wafer form which only dissolves on the and drugs are now available in the form of nasal sprays that are very fast acting.