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¿Existen remedios naturales para la gota?

Gout has been treated for years with powerful drugs. Side effects can be dangerous and frequent with these drugs. Experts believe that drugs can make the condition worse over time. Gout is often treated with alternative therapies and treatments.

Gout Treatments

The Cherry Theory There are many alternative remedies and treatments for gout. The use of cherries to relieve symptoms has been widely discussed. Experts believe that half a pound of fresh cherries should be consumed daily, whether they are frozen, canned, or fresh. It is believed that dark fruits like blueberries, blackberries and cherries may contain chemicals that lower the uric acid level and reduce inflammation.

To determine the true health benefits of cherries, more research is needed. It’s easy to eat and tastes good. Gout sufferers often opt for cherries with cherry juice concentrate or juice. I can easily eat half a pound frozen cherries in a smoothie made with soy milk or with cashew nuts in the food process to make a frozen dessert.

Natural supplements

You might be curious about natural supplements and creams that claim they can instantly relieve your pain. Although ‘quick cures” sound great for anyone suffering from acute gout attacks, most of these products are useless and expensive. These natural remedies are effective in treating gout. DMSO is an industrial solvent. It was discovered that it could penetrate human skin in the 1960s.

It was shown to reduce pain and swelling, relax muscles and relieve arthritis. It is widely used in sports medicine, for obvious reasons. MSM is a naturally occurring compound found in plants, dairy products and meats. MSM is a soluble, odorless, tasteless, and soluble crystal solid in its purest form. The pain should disappear within minutes after DMSO or MSM has been applied (in capsule, powder or cream forms). However, not enough scientific research has been done to confirm the benefits.

Bee venom

It is another supplement that is still being studied to reduce inflammation and swelling. Although this treatment has been used for thousands of years, there is no evidence that it can be used to treat arthritis. Gout relief can be achieved with many natural remedies, many of which are rooted in folk tradition. Here is a list with alternative home remedies, although there is not much scientific evidence to support their effectiveness.

They are generally cost-effective and harmless. However, you should consult your doctor or a trained practitioner in the use and dosage of health supplements before using them. This will ensure that you are fully informed about the risks and appropriate doses as well as any interactions with medications.

Tenga en cuenta

Although it has many health benefits, there is mixed evidence about its effectiveness in treating gout. The theory is that the vinegar alters the blood pH, so that crystals can be dissolved in the solution and then excreted. It is recommended to consume two tablespoons per day. You can also add the cider to a glass with a teaspoon honey if you are unable to stomach it plain. Anthocyanidins, flavinoids and other compounds in bilberry can help with gout. These substances lower uric acid levels and slow down tissue damage.

The leaves and berries can both be taken as a tea or pill. Or the berries can also be eaten raw, stewed or made into jam. These seeds are used primarily as a diuretic to increase the excretion rate of urine. Laboratory studies also showed that the essential oil and compounds in celery seeds may reduce muscle spasms, reduce inflammation, and calm nerves.

Nota final

Gout pain can be relieved by some experts, according to some experts. This topical, herbal preparation is used to reduce the pain of rheumatism. The preparation contains essential oils of camphor and menthol, peppermint and clove, as well as cajeput (an East Indian oil that increases blood flow to the skin’s surface). Massage the affected area with Tiger Balm up to 15 minutes, three to four times per day.