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¿Existen remedios caseros para las infecciones por hongos?

It doesn’t matter if you call it Candidiasis or Thrush, a yeast infections is a yeast infection. If you are afflicted, it can cause severe discomfort and irritation. As someone who has experienced yeast infections many times, I know firsthand the frustration, embarrassment, and pain that can come with a smelly, itchy area in the vaginal region.

Remedios caseros

I was able find several home remedies that helped me relieve all the symptoms of thrush. You don’t need to resort to home remedies for yeast infections. While there are many over-the-counter medications that can be used to treat thrush, I found that many of them did not really help my problem. I felt that I could do more to get rid of my problem safely and easily even after consulting a doctor.

  • I made sure to wash the affected areas with only plain water when there was a flare-up. I avoided shower gels, baths, and soaps as they caused my irritation to flare up more.
  • I avoided having sex to avoid passing the infection between my partner and me. It is common for men to get a yeast infection. This happens when they have sex with infected women. You should avoid spermicidal creams or lubricants if you cannot resist having sex and want to protect yourself.
  • How I wore my clothing and what I wore it played a role in my infections’ proliferation. Synthetic fibers, for example, could cause irritation when they rub against my infection. I also began to wear looser fitting clothes which greatly reduced the number of yeast infections that I had.
  • Melaleuca Oil, which can be purchased at herbal and alternative medicine stores, is an alternative treatment. It has been very successful. Aloe Vera gel was also effective in relieving my itching and irritation.
  • Plain, unsweetened yogurt was helpful in reducing inflammation. However, it had to be natural yogurt that didn’t contain sugar. Candida Albicans can grow from foods high in sugar.
  • I discovered that food was a major contributor to my yeast infections and thrush.

Nota final

My infections were triggered by dried fruits, dairy products and products with yeasts as well as meat, monosodium glutamate, mushrooms, and dairy products. I was able identify the trigger foods by following a restricted diet. I was able to identify the triggers of my thrush and write about them in a guide I created to help other women avoid the same fate. You don’t have the embarrassment or pain that comes with this horrible condition as a woman.