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¿Los alimentos de nuestra dieta son buenos para nosotros?

For the past 12 to13 years, the pharmaceutical industry and food industry kept this secret from you! Your children and you have been eating Genetically Modified Organisms (also known as transgenic or genetically engineered foods) for the past 12 to 13 years. The FDA is aware of this but has done little or nothing to protect us from the billion-dollar industry.


These pose a serious health risk to children, especially young ones, and scientists warned the FDA and food industry that they should be banned. However, the FDA continues to ignore these warnings and allows large corporations to use them as guinea-pigs, while the biotechnology industry gets obscenely rich.

Cross breeding or cross pollination is something that has been successful for many years. This could be a new breed or breed of dog, or even a new breed or rose. This is because traditional cross breeding was done with like animals or plants to create a new breed. Genetically modified foods are made from different organisms.

Por ejemplo

A tomato can be genetically modified by inserting a fish gene. It is a freak of Nature, and a mutation without proper studies or ignored studies can lead to severe health risks. Studies have shown that if a new gene is introduced to a plant, its native genes can be altered or mutated, DNA can also be turned on or off, and that the GM protein that is native to the plant can become very toxic.

A study on rats fed GM potatoes showed that they had smaller hearts and livers, testicles, kidneys, brains, and white blood cells. Numerous rats developed stomach lesions. Even more alarming is the speed at which these changes occur. Another study with white mice revealed that the females experienced significant weight gain and liver damage. The males were half the size of the females and had the opposite effect.


Glockner, a German farmer, grew GM corn on the farm. Glockner fed his cows GM corn, and within a short time, a dozen of them died. The mysterious disease infected the remaining cows and they had to be killed. He stopped growing this corn. Some pig farmers noticed a drop in the fertility rate of females after eating GM corn. Also, some males became sterile. It is possible to create allergens.

Two plants that were not allergic, the bean and pea, were subject to a study in which genes from the bean were inserted into the pea. This created an allergenic plant. If someone is allergic to peanuts, they may eat a GM plant that contains peanut DNA. If you eat GM foods, it is nearly impossible to know what triggers a reaction. Health Wellness and Happiness published an article by Nigel Hawkes (Science Editor, London Times) that revealed that ladybugs had eaten genetically modified potatoes.


Even though the ladybugs didn’t eat GM potatoes directly, their lifespan was cut by 50% and they tended to lay fewer eggs. Similar results were observed for the Monarch butterfly. Are there any theories as to why honey bees are disappearing? The biotech industry tested on both mature rats and mice when they did their own testing. The biotech industry knows that results will differ with young animals because young animals use more nutrients to build their bodies as they grow. If new allergens are introduced, it is possible for liver, kidney, or brain damage.

GMOs could be banned due to the disruption of food DNA. Unfortunately, this is not true. We are just minions of the biotech industry, and money and power are the goals. It doesn’t matter how much damage is done to humanity. It is alarming to me that a GMO company has created what they call terminator seed. This is when they make native seeds sterile. This is so that farmers can buy only GMO seeds. Consider the implications! Dr. John Fagan, a molecular biologist and award-winning molecular biologist, stated that genetic engineering is the most dangerous technology because of the potential for unexpected side effects that cannot easily be corrected or reversed.

Efectos secundarios

These side effects will affect all future generations. 9 out of 10 people said they would not buy or eat genetically modified food. The FDA and the food industry know this and will not tell you if you are actually eating it. You almost certainly are eating genetically modified foods unless you eat organic. GMOs were first introduced to the market because they were designed to resist insect invasion and can be bred for all climates, droughts, floods, and hunger. It would be great if that were the true reason. There are many books that expose GMOs, as well as the people and companies who are quietly working behind the scenes to gain unprecedented power and strength while simultaneously filling their huge coffers.