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How Does Cortisol Affect My Weight Loss Plans?

A pure steroid hormone, Cortisol, is called a stress hormone and is created by the adrenal gland cortex. Cortisol is directly correlated with several distinct functions of the human body. For instance, the immune system functions with the hormone to regulate the blood glucose with the body.

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Furthermore, Cortisol is connected directly with functions of the liver. As you can see Cortisol is an very important hormone, so what does that have to do with weight loss? In a word, everything. Generally speaking, levels of Cortisol in a person change continuously. Usually higher levels exist early in the day and reduces levels gets the day advances. While the patterns of cortisol can be the same, there are causes that could lead to a fall or increase of the hormone throughout the whole day. The largest cause is stress related.

As a stress hormone, each time someone feels stressed out, the body releases cortisol in strong doses. Why should that be of concern to you? How is that related to weight loss? Studies have revealed and experts believe that there’s likely a excellent link between weight gain and the production of cortisol. How can this theory work? Well whenever you are feeling stressed, as stated before, cortisol is released by the body in strong doses.

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They believe that the additional cortisol produced by the body is what causes weight gain. You see cortisol is used in the cells in our bodies, they think that the excess production functions to create more cells. You see cortisol is directly associated with the syndrome called fight or flight. When you become stressed out, your system becomes ready for that syndrome. The adrenal gland produces more cortisol. The cortisol releases sugar into the bloodstream.

This is in preparation for fight or flight. With stress, the body creates the need for energy. This is where the belief in the connection of cortisol and weight reduction comes into play. For those under chronic stress, it might indicate the chance of weight gain. There are numerous different cortisol blockers available on the market today. This are to combat the damaging affects of cortisol and weight gain. However, it’s important before you begin taking these that you know if your weight gain is a direct consequence of the stress hormone. It’s imperative that you talk to your physician first, before beginning any sort of remedy.