Is There A Hidden Danger In Graphene Oxide?

Graphene is a two-dimensional (on the order of one atom thick) nanomaterial composed of carbon, consisting of a single layer of densely packed carbon atoms. Its high mechanical strength and significant electrical and thermal properties make graphene well suited for many new applications in the fields of electronics, biological, chemical […]

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What Are The Side Effects Of Graphene?

Brown University researchers warn of the dangers of graphene’s jagged edges. On the other hand, a team from the University of California also warns that graphene oxide moves smoothly through water. Both side effects put the environment at risk Be aware! We are still toying with graphene, the material of […]

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Can Graphene Toxicity Be Found In Human Sperm?

Want to attract media attention by studying the toxicity of a nanomaterial? Then use graphene and study human sperm. There are already several studies that have gone this route. The new study published in Scientific Reports indicates that concentrations between 1 and 25 μg/ml do not affect sperm viability. Let’s […]