Geschäftsleute üben Yoga im Park

Yoga For Your Busy Life?

I’ve practiced yoga for more than twenty years in four different countries. I have had some terrific teachers and a few not so great educators. I’ve had to travel to other regions to attend the classes I couldn’t get in my own place. This always took time which I didn’t have that took me away from my loved ones and work.


Ich glaube wirklich, dass der Besuch von Kursen der beste Weg ist, um Yoga zu beherrschen. Vor allem, weil ein fantastischer Lehrer wird Ihnen helfen, körperlich, um die Posen (Asanas) richtig zu finden und wird ausrichten und ändern Sie Ihren Körper, um die Pose. Diese Hände auf Ansatz von der Yoga-Lehrer wird dazu beitragen, Sie reibungslos und schnell vorwärts zu bewegen. Es ist die Praxis des Yoga mit Kursen, die Sie noch schneller bewegt.

And if you’re anything like me, it’s the practice at home I find hard to keep up with no guide. I own about a dozen movies for practicing yoga, however the video machine expired years ago. I also have quite a couple of DVD’s filled with courses which take time to undergo and the continuous need to prevent the DVD player or fast forward to the next exercise takes away from my enjoyment of this exercise. I’ve attempted to exercise with books but find them frustrating as well. I’ve tried yoga cards which may be organised into a program suited to myself.

These seem to be a excellent idea but the examples could get confusing and when I have next gone into a course realize I have spent time studying a pose wrongly. I needed something I could travel with and use easily and quickly. So I started putting together a pattern on my computer which was easy to get through and suitable to take anywhere I had been going.

Wussten Sie das?

Classes are crucial to becoming capable at yoga as is a excellent teacher. If you end up at a course where the teacher isn’t giving you what you feel is needed. Stop going there and find another course and instructor that does. A fantastic instructor is hands on, literally, and will happily help you get to the aligned position the asana needs to get the most from the exercise. Don’t pay to join a course until you’ve had a few trial runs with the instructor first. Between lessons keep your yoga up on your own, it isn’t only for your physical body it’s also for your itself. Yoga helps your brain to calm and ideas to flow more easily which helps in every way in your hectic life.