Wie hängen Depression und Wut zusammen?

Depression and anger are intertwined together. Both anger and depression are predisposed, even though the specific calculus remains unknown. Beneath depression, while it is easily observed or darkly obscured, there’s rage. Rage can wait years to erupt. Rage lies at the base of the psyche and is apparently dormant or non-existent.


When the timing is right, it goes with the power of a mental juggernaut. Most of us acknowledge that from time to time that we’re depressed. We’ve got low , are aggravated with others and ourselves, have problems getting motivated and feel sad and listless. There are lots of legitimate reasons to be miserable in our high , demanding, fast-paced, often alienating modern world.

Klinische Depression

Es unterscheidet sich. Es ist ein psychophysiologischer Zustand, der durch eine Reihe dieser Symptome und Verhaltensweisen gekennzeichnet ist: tiefgreifend , insomnia, problems with , niedrig , Müdigkeit, ein of isolation, and emotional irritability. The experience of clinical depression is profound and disruptive to our relationships, our work and our lives. Anger is”a sense of displeasure caused by , mistreatment, resistance, etc., and generally showing itself in a desire to fight back in the supposed cause of the feeling.”


Anger is specific to a particular problem and is generally time limited. Rage travels another trajectory. Rage is an extreme volatile, unrestrained anger which seems to have no remedy. The origins of depression and anger start to fuel in early youth. Infants and children who are emotionally or physically deprived, abused and neglected, believe that nobody cares about them since they’re unwanted, useless, or defective. In several cases the turns himself inside out to become the perfect little person the distressed expects him to be. So as to fulfill parental requirements, the child unconsciously disregards the heart of his credibility, the true self. The child is forced to live behind a false self that’s acceptable for the parent to prevent abandonment and abuse.

This false identity that the little child is forced to play to live, returns to consciousness and is acted out in the concurrent dance of depression and anger. Out of the depression that’s enervating and immobilizing, unexpressed unconscious anger that’s been waiting in the bottom of a pool of contradictory emotions, rises to the surface and melancholy and anger coalesce to create a psychologically toxic mixture. When depression persistently intrudes on a person’s personal and professional life, it’s crucial that he/she seek professional psychological consultation. There are many different effective ways to treat depression now.

Abschließende Anmerkung

Je nach Schweregrad profitieren manche Menschen von verschiedenen Arten von , such as psychoanalytic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral . Andere Patienten benötigen die Empfehlung eines Psychiaters, der ein Spezialist für psychopharmakologische Medikamente ist. Die neue re-uptake anti-depressants have demonstrated to be quite helpful in treating many patients experiencing clinical depression. Treatment requires patience and collaboration between patient and psychiatrist. Finding the precise dose and medication may take a while. The knowledge, understanding and des Therapeuten ist wichtig für eine erfolgreiche Behandlung, ebenso wie die Kooperation und positive des Individuums.


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