Wie machen Sie Ihr Zuhause Asthma-sicher?

We get yourself a complete large amount of calls from individuals who’ve Allergies and Asthma.The biggest percentage of these have Asthma. Many of them even covered these suggestions or bought products to find the advice. Remember books aren’t the solution, I’m not kidding you, these nagging problems are blatant and right before you. I guess you need me to now let you know my secrets.

Was ist zu tun?

Ich werde es bald erreichen, trotzdem müssen Sie unsere Website besuchen, um die Bilder zu sehen, um zu verstehen, was ich sage.

  • But I’d not need one in my own house. My children had turtles and fish. Any type or sort of an animal which has fur or feathers will shed dander in the house. If an animal should be had by you, keep them outside.
  • Once weekly to eliminate any buildup of residual chemicals in the air change the air in the house. Example: air your home out for a quarter-hour to allow oxygen in to the home. Make sure to check with your Doctor before doing these pointers to get their OK.
  • Verwenden Sie Luftreiniger der höchsten Qualitätsstufe. Kein Ozon. Ich habe eine komplette große Menge von Kunden, die auf Ozon reagieren, niedrige Werte wie ein paar der Hersteller werben sogar. Denken Sie daran, dass Ozon ein Oxidationsmittel sein kann, das in der Regel nicht in Ihre Lunge gehört. Durch den Besuch bei ein paar meiner Kunden, das ist eines meiner Geheimnisse.
  • you don’t desire to sleep on dirty sheets can you! Once weekly or should they get soiled my mother always told us to improve the sheets. Using this method, you shall help to keep dust mites in order. Additionally it is smart to get a top quality mattresses pillows and cover with dust-proof covers.
  • AIR-CON is a good idea but, It is very important keep following this problem before it gets beyond control. Own it serviced every six months by a reputable company which will do what they state they’ll do. Every month in writing be skeptical of service contracts guarantee unless they say exactly what they’ll do. Air Conditioning could be a serious problem for folks with Asthma if they’re not kept clean.
  • Die Köderung ist eigentlich die einzige Möglichkeit. Menschen mit Asthma können auf Pestizide reagieren. Ich habe einen Kunden, der in der Notaufnahme jedes Mal, wenn sie tatsächlich auf Pestizide ausgesetzt ist, führt.
  • Keep your house clean. No dust no food out from the Kitchen Dining or Area Area. This can encourage bugs to come quickly to the crumbs on to the floor. By limiting the eating section of your house, it could be cleaned by you up easier and keep it clean. Bugs don’t like a clean house. They shall finish off and get to your neighbors house for better dining facilities.
  • Make sure to store all food stuffs in air tight containers. Another universal problem is other members of the grouped family. People with Asthma end up having hair spray frequently, perfumes or other personal maintenance systems. If you must use hair spray, go outside and utilize it to minimize contact with the Asthmatic relative there. It is very important avoid spraying around a grouped relative with asthma.
  • Frequently, To conclude, people with Asthma have a whole lot to cope with. Have compassion and sympathy for them.


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