Wie kann man Kindern helfen, das Verlangen nach Zucker zu stoppen?

Do you believe children are eating a lot of sugary snacks and sweets and eating less actual food? From a young age children are given sweets as snacks, as rewards, or used as bribes. Special occasions are celebrated with cakes, ice cream, and other sweets. Sugar is a part of life from a young age.

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Some believe that if children become hooked and exposed on candy, junk food, and soft drinks at a young age, it may establish a routine of sugar craving. As parents, are you frustrated on how best to help them cut down or remove their sugar cravings? Some view the endless”need” many have for glucose as a strong addiction not unlike that of alcohol. With sugar addiction, people are not able to utilize their body’s natural abilities to control their food intake.

Reportedly, some areas of the world still keep sugar under lock and key thinking it to be a narcotic. There is conflicting evidence over sugar-producing mood changing swings in children. But a lot of parents have seen the changes in their child from a sweet, fun-loving kid to one of a hostile, out-of-control “brat”. Too much sugar causes different responses in different individuals.


Studies have shown that high sugar consumption not only adds pounds but plays a role in a broad selection of health issues like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Long-term sugar addiction also can generate a weakened immune system, chronic fatigue, hormonal problems, and gastrointestinal difficulties in addition to anxiety and depression. Just like any other addiction, sugar craving has to be controlled. Including cutting artificially sweetened foods in addition to natural sugar foods.

Getting the sugar habit in check is particularly critical for children for health reasons in addition to weight control. How do parents help their sugar-craving children? Help make candies and other sweets less easily available. Often”out of sightout of mind” helps. Stock cabinets and fridge with fruits and vegetables which are within easy reach. Start your children off with a fantastic breakfast.

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This could include a vegetable omelet or oatmeal with chopped almonds or quinoa flakes and fresh fruit. It could also have last night’s meal of chicken or roast beef with veggie sticks. If you’re the chief meal planner and preparer, remove sugars and some other sugar derivatives (honey, molasses, corn syrup, high fructose syrup and such ) in the menu. Plan meals ahead of time, store blatantly, according to what you need, and prepare the foods at a specified time. Pack the foods with foods that are wholesome in the vegetable group, the fruit collection, and high quality protein sources from plant or animal protein sources like poultry, fish and lean meats.

Set a good example by not eating foods with sugar. This means removing any”diet” soft drinks and other processed, sugary foods also. Take your children shopping and ask them to help you make dinner or prepare their school lunch. Praise them for their great choices. Have pitchers of water handy so your children can drink this anytime. Kids should drink water rather than any soda or other sweetened beverage. Among the greatest helps is to teach children the value of staying active and exercising. When they’re playing baseball, biking or hiking they aren’t as inclined to need a piece of candy. Your little one might be tempted to eat sweets, just as you, maybe, are tempted.

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Try to get beyond the temptation by focusing on a different action. Perhaps on some hobby you have, or a pleasant experience you had. Some prefer to use visualization when this occurs. They imagine and imagine how much healthier they’ll be with no sugar, or they will observe a company, slender body if they don’t indulge. Getting beyond the sugar craving isn’t straightforward. Having candy and other sweets from sight is the first step. Stocking up on healthy foods is the second. What your kids eat or do not eat relates to the way they think, behave, and feel so it’s in everybody’s best interests to help them eat healthier.

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