Was sind die Ursachen für Kopfschmerzen nach dem Sport?

Imagine this scenario: You meet up with your friends to play a fast but intense game of soccer. Everyone has a great time, and everyone leaves feeling energized and worked out. This is not the first time you have a headache. You start to wonder if there is something wrong. This could be a sign you are having a stroke. This is a common feeling, especially for men in their 20s.

Exertion Headache

An “exertion headache” can be caused by physical activity. In some cases, it may also be called an “exertion migraine”. Although discomfort headaches can be uncomfortable, they are not dangerous and are rarely signs of more serious conditions. Exercising headaches can be genetic. Many people have a history of headaches after exercising.

Why do I feel pain after exercising? Although the exact cause of headaches after exercise is not known, the current theory is that it is due to the irritation of blood vessels in your brain. Exercising in particular types is more likely to cause exertion headaches than other types. Either a prolonged period of intense activity or prolonged physical activity is the most common cause.

Exercising Headaches

These can be caused by running, sprinting and heavy lifting. How do I recognize an exertion headache? Headaches can last from a few minutes up to several days.  Headaches are usually felt on both sides. Can I Prevent Exertion Headache? To a certain degree you can. You can choose to stop doing activities in hot or humid weather if you know you are more likely than others to get headaches.

Some people will still experience headaches despite external factors. In these cases, it may be best to stop participating in the activity. Prescription medications may be an option for those who don’t want to limit their activities or cannot control their headaches. Always have any headaches that are unusual or very painful examined by a qualified physician. Most headaches are harmless and uncomfortable, but occasionally the pain can be more severe and require treatment.


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