Was sind die Anzeichen einer Chlorallergie?

When summer comes around the corner, it’s never complete until swimming is included in the itinerary. There are many bodies of water wherein adults and kids alike go swimming, such as lakes, rivers, beaches and ponds. However, private and public swimming pools have become a fantastic for those hot and sunny days when you are just in the mood for frolicking in the water, mainly since they’re easily accessible and much safer.

Chlorine allergy symptoms

Die Freude am Sommer kann jedoch schnell getrübt werden, wenn Sie die Symptome einer Chlorallergie verspüren. Es gibt immer noch keine plausible Ursache dafür, warum Menschen allergisch auf Chlor reagieren. Es wird jedoch als aggressive Chemikalie angesehen, da es dafür bekannt ist, dass es zu by simply irritating the . In , studies have shown that individuals that are exposed to chlorine for extended periods of are more at risk to develop und .

Probleme mit der Atmung

This is of as one of the hallmark symptoms of becoming allergic to chlorine. If you suffered from asthma as a child then the feeling that you get will be more or less the same. In actuality, it might even be more serious in stark contrast to asthma, particularly if you’re still exposed to chlorinated water. You might feel constriction on your chest or feel as though you’re clamoring for air to breathe or simply not having the ability to breathe generally. You could also start coughing or sneezing because the difficulty in breathing progresses. When this happens, try to keep calm and ask someone to call the doctor for you. If you are still in the pool, then move out.

Eye irritation

This symptom isn’t seen in people fond of swimming pools independently. Additionally, it manifests on people that are exposed to chlorine through fumes and products. If you see your eyes getting constantly itchy and red after being exposed to chlorine then you want to take into account the possibility of an allergy. The eyes may also be dry or watery, based upon the body’s reaction. It’s imperative that you don’t rub your eyes no matter how damaging it may feel.

Trockene Haut

Die trockene Haut, die mit einer Chlorallergie zusammenhängt, stellt nicht die weißen Flecken dar, die auch bei Schwimmern typisch sind. In solchen Fällen kann sich die Haut nach dem Kontakt mit Chlor durch Familienprodukte oder Schwimmen spannen, jucken oder extrem schuppig werden. Dies ist ein fantastisches Anzeichen für eine Chlorallergie.

Passen Sie auf sich auf!

Fortunately, people that aren’t always exposed to chlorine are also least likely to become allergic to it. Nevertheless, pools with higher of chlorine may still lead to chlorine sensitivity. The important point to remember is to not assume instantly. It’s necessary to distinguish the allergy itself from other potential underlying problems.

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