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Before there were antibiotics and flu shots, many people died of influenza and other infections. Osteopathic doctors used OMT to help boost the patient’s immune system and to assist the body in fighting off the disease. During the deadly Swine Flu epidemic in the early 1900’s, the death rate for patients of osteopathic physicians who used OMT was considerably lower than those of MDs.


As concerns mount about antibiotic-resistant super bugs in the overuse of antibiotics, the threat of pandemics such as Swine Flu, the risks of flu shots and the long-term consequences of chronic respiratory and ear infections in children, perhaps it’s time to learn about the benefits of this successful, century old therapy, call Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT) used by osteopathic physicians. One reason why the osteopathic approach can be helpful is that is provides another effective remedy aside from antibiotics.

There’s a whole lot of controversy concerning the over-use of antibiotics for respiratory and ear infections. Due to this over-use, there are now bacteria in the environment which are no more susceptible to any antibiotic currently available. There are no guarantees that the pharmaceutical companies can create a new, stronger, more broad-spectrum antibiotic for the next generation of resistant bacteria. If we don’t turn around this trend, we might find ourselves back in the pre-antibiotic era.

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Research indicates that 80% to 90% of all ear infections heal by themselves, and children who don’t receive antibiotics really heal faster and have fewer recurrences. By treating every ear infection with antibiotics, we only succeed at raising antibiotic-resistant bacteria and prevent the individual from building up their own immunity, thus placing up the child for more infections. WHAT ABOUT THE FLU SHOT? My patients often ask me if they need to get the flu shot. Getting any vaccine should be a private choice.

In Texas, parents have the right to opt out of having their children vaccinated for everything if they so wish. And if they do opt out, the kids can still attend college. There are approximately 17 other countries that allow opting out of vaccinations for private reasons. Other states usually allow opting out for a medical or religious reason. To my understanding, the flu shot isn’t required in any condition. I recommend that people thoroughly educate themselves regarding the risks and advantages to becoming, or not getting, any vaccines.


However, it could be tricky to get all the information required to make a great decision about vaccines. If the physician has obtained her information from the pharmaceutical company who’s selling the vaccine or from another physician who’s working for your company, that information could be biased to help promote the product. The news media may also obtain their information from sources with a similar bias. So it can be quite tricky to determine what to do.

In 1976, when the previous Swine Flu vaccine was created and administered to the American people, it was found that the people didn’t receive the entire truth about the possible side effects of the vaccine. More people died of the influenza vaccine that year than died of the flu. According to doctor and Congressman Ron Paul, the authorities suspended the use of this vaccine since there were so many deaths. I feel badly for the families of those who died or were hurt from the vaccine before that information was known and its use was suspended.

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In addition to the deaths, according to Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes, there were 4,000 accidents resulting from accepting the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976. Many of these injuries were permanent. The authorities had a similar reaction to the flu in 1976 as what they’re doing now. In 1976 when one soldier died from the flu after he went on a forced march even though he had been ill, the remaining soldiers were tested. Only four were found to possess the Swine flu and each of them recovered completely without taking a vaccine based on Wallace’s report. Based on this 1 death, the authorities called for all to take the vaccine.

Later the vaccine was removed but much harm was done. According to Wallace, the government studies had shown that neurological damage may happen but the authorities did not warn the people so that they might make an educated decision for themselves. See 60 Minute video in this site. I think it’s important to check at the past to make decisions in the future. I need to ask the question, if the government kept that information from the general public then, could they do the exact same thing now? It was reported that this Swine flu of 1976 presented as no worse than a bad cold. If the soldier that died hadn’t gone on the march while sick, would he have died? How can we know that the Swine Flu has not been here each summer, but nobody has ever been tested for this? We may have thought it was just a “summer cold”.

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I believe that the health departments should be looking at these differences and informing the general public about them. What types of disorders did the people have that died from the virus? I think that they should be telling people how to become as healthy as possible so when we get ill, we’re more likely to fully recover. I believe they should also be telling us all of the possible dangers of taking the flu vaccine. A few years back, on The Today Show, a couple from Colorado whose son had died from the influenza, expressed to the watching public that they regretted not giving their son the influenza vaccine.

He had expired and they were encouraging everyone watching not to make the same mistake that they believed they’d made. Four kids from Colorado had died from flu that same year. Someone from the Colorado public health department was also on the show to go over this issue. Matt Lauer asked the public health official how many kids died who was given the influenza vaccine. If four children died and only one of these four hadn’t been vaccinated, why did they pick the parents of the 1 kid who hadn’t been vaccinated to be interviewed on The Today Show? If three children died who was vaccinated and one died who hadn’t been vaccinated, the chances certainly point to not vaccinating, yet the people just heard the plea from the parents who didn’t vaccinate.

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Seventy-five percent died who received the vaccine while just 25% died who didn’t. Why are we not being given that information? Is the government overreacting and putting fear into everybody over something which may only be a terrible cold? The millions who died in the 1918 flu outbreak died mostly from pneumonia which developed secondarily to the influenza. There were no antibiotics afterward as we have now and medical knowledge was quite different then also. Based on Ron Paul, there were 13,000 cases of Tuberculosis (TB) from the US last year alone. Yet nobody seems to be panicking about that.

Why the scare over an influenza which has not been demonstrated to be far more than a cold for many people? The virus in each year’s flu vaccine is truly a guess. There’s absolutely not any way to know which strain of flu will appear annually, so the drug companies have to guess at which ones to put to the vaccines. They put several into every vaccine, so it increases the chances that at least one of those breeds which truly seems, will be in the vaccine. As we’ve seen, there are years when the vaccine simply does not appear to be much advantage. It’s necessary to have a healthy immune system so that when we’re exposed to germs and viruses our body’s immune system can step in and handle anything the vulnerability is.


When my Mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, I knew that the chemotherapy she failed would reduce her immune system and make it harder for her to fight the cancer herself. To offset this, I gave her nutrient IV’s, many oral nutritional supplements and even shots of several nutrients. She used visualization to make her immune system stronger. Rather than being dead in two months, as was called, she was cured of the cancer in 4 weeks and dwelt 18 more years with no recurrence of cancer. She chose to take nutritional supplements for the rest of her life, she chose not to take the flu vaccine annually and even though she lived in a retirement center with a number of different people, she did not receive the flu.

Despite the fact that there was a departure from Swine Flu in my area, I’m not likely to have the vaccine myself. I really don’t get a flu vaccine for 2 reasons. First I am concerned about the amount of mercury used. There’s still 25 mcg of mercury in today’s flu shots. Second, the body’s immune system gets stronger and works better when it’s an opportunity to get ill and recover by itself. I’ll take nutrients such as vitamin C and other anti-oxidants. If I should find the flu, I will use my mild Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT) to help get well quicker. I use gentle manipulation methods that help drain the fluid in the ears, neck and head and improve the immune system. In my office, I’ve measured ear fluid using a tympanogram and then treated the patient with manipulation alone. A recheck of the ears, with the tympanogram right after the treatment, has shown some dramatic improvements in fluid levels in the ears. I teach parents how to do this therapy at home in their children for ear infections. In addition, I recommend that they use it for all respiratory infections and influenza as it can be very useful for kids and adults. This is the identical sort of treatment that osteopathic physicians utilized from the early 1900’s to deal with Swine Flu. It helped save lives.


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