Was ist eine biologische Immuntherapie?

Immunotherapy is a treatment recognized and applied in a complementary method to conventional treatments, but it plays a very marginal role in the context of official anti inflammatory remedies. Consequently, its actual use in the majority of the public hospitals is quite limited.


The ways you might have the ability to find an immune activation could differ, but in most cases, the principle which underlies it, namely strengthening the body’s natural defenses, can be critical for cancer patients. The activation of an immune response, as well as acting directly on the disease, may function as a support for the organism that’s debilitated and immuno suppressed by the development of the tumor.

Therefore, immunotherapy finds its logical location for a cancer treatment that’s an adjunctive treatment to the official remedies. The potency of the immune response will be proportional to the resources available to your system. It follows that if the disease is extremely complex, and the body has too many cycles of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or after major surgery, it’s quite tricky to expect for immune activation. Therefore the patient is recommended to take these immunological therapies concurrently or even ahead of those officers.

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In some kinds of cancers especially competitive or in advanced stages, when treatment isn’t achievable, immunological treatments alongside conventional ones, can help prolong survival and enhance quality of life of the individual. We’ll report 4 unique sources that handle Cancer Immunotherapy.

  • Already in 2004, in the University Hospital of Siena, has arisen a new “Division of Cancer Immuno treatment”. The program activities of the Unit, as part of the general management of cancer patients, both with respect to the diagnostic image that treatment, along with traditional chemotherapy treatments currently available and proven, provides a powerful commitment to clinical research. The action program is therefore designed to make available to the various unit that refer patients to the latest drug therapies and immunological. To this end, several protocols are already busy medical treatment in collaboration with leading cancer institutions, national and overseas. The new mode of treatment based on biological and immunological characterization of biomolecular tumors of every individual patient are performed so as to customize as much as possible therapeutic intervention.
  • A medical oncologist called Joseph Zora, in 1975, hampered with upstream and began a series of experiments in vitro and in vivo immunological test lines. In 1982 he started to distribute his product, a hybrid harmless, non-toxic which enabled a wide spectrum of immune modulation. Ever since then, for approximately ten years, Dr. Zora was persecuted in the judicial level. Then in 1992, his nightmare was over, having registered their product (Plus Adjuvant) in Switzerland as a medicinal product. Tens of thousands of individuals in Italy and throughout Europe and America use it with excellent results. The action of homeopathic medication immune type – natural “Adjuvant Plus” Dr Zora plays a double function: an anti-cancer activity that’s performed by activating the patient’s immune system and encourage action aimed at restricting the immuno suppressive chemotherapy drugs damage. So it’s very suitable as adjuvant chemotherapy. The therapy may also be correlated with a multi-therapy treatment Bella. The treatment includes intramuscular ampoules, whose dose and administration ought to be tailored to the characteristics of each individual.
  • The “Sinterapia” is customized by immunological activation BCG vaccine. This treatment consists of injections performed in IEL times and dilutions tailored to the immunological responsiveness of the individual and monitored with blood tests and clinic visits. BCG vaccine is the vaccine commonly utilized to prevent tuberculosis (Bacillus of Calmette and Guerin) and used in conjunction (indomethacin( an anti inflammatory ) can improve the body’s natural defenses. The patient must experience these injections before and after each cycle of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or surgery. Through an examination of lymphocyte sub populations, which may be carried out free of charge only in a few specialized facilities, the physician can tell ahead of time if the patient’s weakened body (from disease and from cytotoxic chemotherapy), has the possibility to activate a sufficient immune response to fight cancer. The physician prescribing individualized therapy and follows the trend is Professor Xavier Imperato. The professor has three free lectures: immunology, general pathology and microbiology and attention for around thirty years successfully with cancer. The expense of therapy is available to all.
  • As early as 1921, Rudolf Steiner, German philosopher and physician, found in mistletoe a successful anti inflammatory remedy. At the practice Lukas Klinik in Switzerland, in the 80’s because the preparations of mistletoe have been exposed to classical scientific inquiry. The mechanism of action is as follows: the mistletoe lectin comprises substances that have the capability to bind to tumor cells and stimulate immune system cells to destroy them. In an article printed in the journal “Oncology” of 1986 has clarified that twenty-four hours following administration of mistletoe we notice an increase in the number and activity of natural killer lymphocytes, increased levels of tumor necrosis factor, interleukin, and the action of macrophages.


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