Was ist Apitherapie?

There are literally a huge selection of alternative therapies that are offered for people to use. However among the least known and possibly recognized therapies if apitherapy. In this post we shall appearance at what apitherapy is really as well as the health advantages that can be gained as a result and the possible dangers to apitherapy.


It is frequently also known as bee therapy and may be the basically the usage of bee products to take care of different circumstances. There are numerous of products that may have health benefits and become used in apitherapy plus they include pollen, natural honey and royal jelly nevertheless the major one used will be bee venom.

The usage of bee products and specifically bee venom goes back to historic Greece, today bee stings are employed throughout the world as cure for a wide selection of different circumstances and below we shall consider the benefits you could obtain from the therapy. The various bee products have different advantages and can be used in various ways.

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  • Bee Venom – this could be given to people as real stings or could be given by way of a needle. Bee stings have already been shown to contain elements such as for example adolapin and melittin which are usually anti-inflammatory substances and so are thought to be stronger than commonly prescribed items such as cortisol. Because of this bee stings are usually very valuable for treating situations like arthritis.
  • Furthermore it’s rather a valuable treatment for individuals suffering from seasonal allergies such as for example hay fever.
  • Furthermore it is thought to have antibacterial properties which could make it best for treating things such as sore throats.
  • And insufficient appetite. In addition studies show that maybe it’s useful at reducing cholesterol ranges.

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Additionally, you will find royal jelly in several anti-aging products such as for example face lotion. There are many of people who shouldn’t undertake apitherapy or should consider extra care. As many folks may not be alert to the allergy it is very important choose a reputable therapist who’ll be prepared for those who have an allergic attack as they can frequently be very severe. In add-on people who have cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or diabetes should make certain they avoid apitherapy totally. Honey shouldn’t be given to children beneath the age of one because of the possible bacterias in it and folks who have a weak disease fighting capability should also avoid honey. Lastly the recommended dosage for most of the bee products isn’t known so care should be taken to make sure you remain safe.

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