Was sollte ich über das Muskelsystem wissen?

The muscular system in your body, aside from making you look great, has lots of different functions also. The nest time you walk around your gym and workout, do not forget that you’re not only helping yourself look good but are also helping your muscle function those very important functions seamlessly and with no problems.


When you drink water a collection of muscles start to work when your mind signals that you will need to swallow it. The upper and the lower muscles work in excellent co-ordination and stability with all the upper and lower muscles contracting and expanding alternately to allow the water in. This is how muscles assist in movement of substances in the body. Take the classic example of blood pumping, in which the cardiac muscles pump new blood away from the heart and pulls at the’bad’ blood.

The skeletal muscles mainly help with movement. The arm muscles assist you lift things along with the leg muscles assist you sit or walk or run. If you are able to stand on two legs – the credit goes to the muscular system that will assist you stabilize your body position and assist you stand. If the muscles didn’t work that way and allow you to run or stand, stabilized, we would be still running on all fours!

Muscular system

That’s the value of the muscular system. It offers a mass and the momentum necessary to stand or for that matter, perform any actions. The muscle system, if well-developed and balanced, makes it possible to attain the hardest stretching positions the human body is able to reach – the classic example being gymnastics where athletes may perform intense positions by extending out! That’s again, possible for the stabilizing power of the muscles. The body’s capacity to bear cold conditions is dependent on thermogenesis.

Heat production in animals is usually called thermogenesis which occurs generally in warm blooded animals. The fats and muscles on them create sufficient heat to maintain the body temperature stable and thus our temperature doesn’t fluctuate much. Had the temperature shifting, we would not have lived in extreme heat or cold conditions even for a few seconds. These three functions of muscles are vital for the human body’s functioning.

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Therefore too much of muscle misuse (harm ) can lead to irreparable damages which is guaranteed to harm us. Specific exercise and appropriate care must be taken with good diet that replenishes the energy and helps the body to heal injures. Similar on the lines, a good and balanced diet with good exercise will improve your immunity system that will also help keep diseases at bay.

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