Warum ist reines Wasser so wichtig für meine Gesundheit?

Pure Water Systems – Are You Using the Best Available on the Market? Let’s face itwith the rise in water pollution, the amount of contaminants that could be present in the tap is on a growing tendency. This is why; the pure water systems installed in your house and in your work place must be the very best and effective in eliminating all of the unwanted toxins in the water; differently, you’ll wind up drinking impure water, which might lead to various health conditions.

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Pure water systems as the name implies will be the water filtration systems which filters out all the unwanted and harmful substances and results in pure water. Take note that pure water systems based on technology such as reverse osmosis, distillations, etc., are not any more effective in removing the pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, herbicides and other organic compounds, which now are part and parcel of water that comes straight from the tap.

Studies have proven that the existence of drugs such as childbirth, birth control, pain killer, antibiotics, etc. are not great for health. The usage of drug-laced water may do more damage than good. They have a negative effect on immune system, nervous system and digestive tract. Furthermore, the presence of trihalomethanes (THMs) and Volatile organic chemical (VOCs) raise the risk of certain kinds of cancer such as rectal and bladder.

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Chloramines present in water may react with other organic matter and form compounds such as chloroform, which leads to breathing issues and creation of allergies. Additionally, the ideal purification units don’t strip off the crucial minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, etc. from the water. All these minerals are needed for proper growth, development and functioning of the human body. The prolonged ingestion of de-mineralized water leads to multi vitamin deficiency; additionally, it makes body more acidic.

When body fluids are more acidic, to neutralize their influence, the body begins pulling out minerals in the bones and teeth. Acidic character of body also raises the free radical activity in the body increases, which leads to increased risk of cancer. For best results, start looking for pure water systems which are based on technologies such as carbon filtration, sub micron filtration and ion exchange.

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These systems not provide pure water for certain but also retain the nutrient values of their water. Therefore, suits you and your family the best to lead a long ail free life. To find out more about such hi technology pure water systems I use and recommend, visit my site cited below today.

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