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Millions of people visit their doctors for common headache relief. This is the number one reason people visit their doctor. Headaches can come in many forms, intensity and duration. Some headaches are hormonally driven by women’s monthly cycles. Other causes of headaches include sinus problems, medication, and food allergies. Head pain can be triggered by stress, caffeine, or alcohol consumption.

Head Pain

Head pain may be felt on one or both sides of the head, around the crown or around the neck or shoulder areas. There may be more than one source of headache pain. They can also occur in clusters. What can one do to prevent a bad headache from happening? It is best to avoid a headache if you can. Keep a record of your headaches, their duration, and the circumstances that they occur. You should also note what makes them feel better or worse.

Also, take note of any successful treatments. While some headaches can’t be avoided due to illness, others are caused by lifestyle issues that can be managed.

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If you notice that you get headaches after eating Chinese food, it could be that you are sensitive to MSG. This is a common ingredient in Chinese dishes that can sometimes cause headaches or other disturbances in some people. If you have headaches that occur at certain times of year, especially if you sleep with the windows open, it could be a sign you need to take medication or close your windows.

Learn what triggers stress can cause headaches and take steps to reduce them. You may find that dealing with an argumentative coworker can trigger one of your spells. You can take steps to avoid the person or reduce the conflict. Ask for a transfer to another department if the opportunity arises. You can take similar steps to alleviate stressful situations in your daily life. Your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes that can reduce the intensity or frequency of your discomfort.

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Daily exercise can improve circulation and reduce stress, which may help to prevent headaches. Another common suggestion that seems to be beneficial is to eat healthier foods with fewer preservatives. Writing down negative events in a journal several times per week will help you avoid letting them fester and causing headaches. You will feel better and have fewer headache symptoms if you take a proactive approach to identifying headache sources and learning how you can avoid them. Ask your doctor for information about preventing or relieving headache pain.


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