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In the State of Georgia, cancer rates are significantly higher in Colquitt County, than in other counties, according to a local newspaper report many years back. The article reported that, 441 did have some kind of cancer between 1997 – 2001. Among men, especially black men, lung and colorectal cancers led; among girls, unsurprisingly, breast cancer.

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Interestingly, of the 175 cases of cancer found in Colquitt County during 2005; lung, colon and breast cancer were the top three forms. Based on Oncologist, Dr. Aloba, who had been interviewed for the guide, “the higher prices of the cancer cases may partially be attributable to the kind of lifestyle many in Moultrie and surrounding cities have followed for ages.” Poor diets and other high risk behaviours can definitely give rise to a compromised immune system, leading to a increased chance of immunodeficient ailments, like cancer.

The critical function of the immune system can’t be overstated. It is, after all, the human body’s front line of defense against diseases, including cancers. It’s a medical fact that, in case you’ve got a compromised, or, weakened immune system, your body is definitely more vulnerable to cancer progression. On the other hand, an optimized immune system with has improved defenses, will immediately recognize an errant cell and fix it, or, destroy it before it can advance.

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Furthermore, under normal conditions, a properly ventilated immune system would remove antigens, or, other causes which could lead to cancer growth. Butif you’re immunodeficient, if through lifestyle, or, heredity, your body might not be able to successfully combat cancer. Unbeknowst to most people in Moultrie, and Colquitt County at large, is that there’s a natural, and well-respected approach to assisting the body put up a stronger fight against cancer.

What is it? Surprisingly, it’s raising glutathione in the cellular level to maximize the immune system. An increasing number of medical researchers are support this approach to disease prevention. Strengthening your immune system by increasing your body’s hydration levels is a natural, nevertheless, potent complement to traditional cancer therapy; as well as improving your odds of not getting cancer in the first location.

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Unfortunately, the ‘catch’ to increasing this vital natural antioxidant, glutathione intracellularly, depends largely on the availability of this”rate-limiting” amino acid, cysteine in an absorbable form. For decades this was an issue in North America, because cysteine wasn’t easily available in a form which the body could use to create glutathione. But, thanks to brilliant researchers such as, Drs. Gustavo Bounous and Patricia Kongshavn, from McGill University in Canada, in the U.S.


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