Möchten Sie Tantra-Atmung für vollständiges Wohlbefinden lernen?

The way we breathe plays a massive role in how healthy and emotionally grounded we are. As a tantra teacher, I put great emphasis on proper breathing and the tantra breathing techniques prescribes from the tantra scriptures. The key is breathing in and out vigorously, allowing the belly to move out on the inhale and draw back in on the exhale.

Method of detoxification

Apart from overall physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, tantra breathing is an outstanding method of detoxification. The commonly accepted misconception that breathing should take place through the torso is just that – a misconception. It’s a myth propagated by physical exercise advocates who simply don’t know any better.

In actuality, chest breathing may result in lots of complications, because the lungs can’t expand to their fullest capability and are therefore not able to absorb oxygen properly. One of the first things your tantra instructor will notify you of is that chest breathing is shallow, unhealthy breathing.

Furthermore, expanding the chest is just one of the ways that men behave when they would like to display dominance or aggression. It’s a primitive reaction to risk, and its objective is for the man to take up more space and make himself look bigger and stronger. Because of this, which makes it a habit to enlarge the chest releases all kinds of stress hormones. For any serious student of tantra, it’s very important to unlearn this unhealthy way of breathing and to be taught in the prescribed tantra breathing methods. This is not always straightforward.

Trantra Breathing

The right method of breathing according to tantric yoga guidelines entails drawing breath in slowly through the nose and letting the abdomen (instead of the chest) to expand. This manner, the diaphragm is bloated downwards and creates more space for the lungs to be filled. It’s helpful to imagine that the air has been drawn through the lungs and to the belly. This sort of breathing can be practiced in daily life until it becomes second nature. While practicing tantra breathing through a tantric yoga session, an individual can choose the technique further.

After drawing in the breath as outlined above, hold it for a short moment and then start expelling it, allowing your belly and chest to deflate. However, the period of exhalation ought to be more than that of inhalation, even if by only a couple seconds. Then start the cycle again. Be warned that nausea may happen, because the blood is consuming a lot more oxygen than the body is accustomed to. Avoid using any type of burned incense when practicing this sort of tantra breathing, since the practice of burning smoke will undermine the oxygen content in their atmosphere and introduce harmful residues of combustion into it.

Positive effects on Body and Mind

By practicing this tantric method of inhalation and exhalation, you’re ensuring that your lungs are completely voided of used-up atmosphere and filled to capacity with fresh oxygenated atmosphere. Practicing this sort of breathing for ten minutes every morning and night will have a deep and lasting effect on your body and mind.