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Wie lassen sich Migräne-Symptome behandeln und verhindern?

Natural remedies for migraines do not guarantee that they will be completely free from migraines. Natural remedies for migraines can help to reduce symptoms and prevent future attacks. Researchers have yet to discover the exact causes of migraines.


It has been proven that migraines are caused by changes in blood flow and circulation. Natural migraine remedies can help you avoid headaches by maintaining your health and strengthening your defense against all known migraine trigger factors. Common medications for migraine attacks include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen. Acetaminophen can be taken with NSAIDs. Most over-the-counter medications work well and are safe.

They are not recommended for patients with stomach bleeding, ulcers, or liver problems. These drugs can also cause stomach ulcers if taken for too long. Natural migraine remedies take a holistic approach to improving migraine symptoms.

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Over-the-counter medications and medications are used to treat the symptoms and prevent future attacks. It basically treats migraine by using preventive and abortive approaches. Abortive therapy is administered by self-injection to the legs or oral medication to stop migraine attacks from ever starting. It targets the serotonin levels to improve symptoms.

Preventive therapy is continuous medication to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. Patients are required to keep a “pain diary” to track their responses to medications. Natural migraine remedies are better than focusing on medication dosage and putting your health at risk for potential side effects. Many of these treatments promote relaxation and mind-body balance, which can help reduce the risk of migraine trigger factors.

Mind-body techniques like meditation, biofeedback, relaxation exercises and biofeedback can help promote well-being and migraine-free living. Medicinal herbs can be used to reduce pain chemicals and increase blood flow in the brain. Psychological factors such as self-inflicted guilt, anger, or allergy can also cause migraines. These psychological factors can be addressed with customized psychological therapy sessions. Lifestyle factors like healthy changes to one’s diet, ergonomics, and sleeping patterns can help to reduce the impact of common stressors that lead to migraine attacks.


Combining all of these natural remedies for migraines will provide long-term, safe relief that will help to prevent future attacks. You should also ensure that you are eating a healthy diet rich in magnesium and protein. Migraine symptoms can be caused by magnesium-deficiency or other nutritional deficiencies. Use blood-thinning herbs such as butterbur and feverfew with caution. They are not recommended for pregnant women, patients with ulcers, and people who have pre-existing conditions.