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Wie kann man effektiv mit einer anderen Person zusammen sein?

A friend asked me the other day,”Isn’t it odd that we must go to a counselor or therapist to discuss our troubles?” This innocent question, barely about anymore once you have been a psychotherapist for as long as me, made me think. People used to speak to one another and perhaps they had been powerful, because people used to just care about each other.

Über Fähigkeiten

What if professionalization, which is just a phenomenon of the past one to two hundred years, has taken that away from people? This has motivated my desire to impart counselling skills to you in this brief article. Obviously a lot of the info can be obtained elsewhere, but usually it is described in treatment jargon that the average person would not understand. So, here is my first attempt to rectify the imbalance, to return what might have been removed from you, the fundamental ability to care and put it into action when another individual needs your and would like to speak with you.

Was sind diese Fähigkeiten?

First, . To participate with another person you should have some internal space available to receive them. This means your own problems aren’t so pressing that you’re constantly distracted or that you aren’t as concerned about some impending disaster which you can’t concentrate. Create inner space in yourself through regulating your , be aware that everything you do can lead to impacts that have your time and your . Try to plan and act in a manner that contributes to a desired result, rather than let life to conduct you.

Second, . You need to be able to watch carefully and take note of how the other person is and what they might need through their behaviour and other signs. For instance, if the person you’re with is withdrawn do not scrape your seat when you sit down, reduce your voice to communicate a of quiet safety and do not expect them to look you in the eyes. Try to know about how the individual comes across and react in a manner that reduces the distance between you.

Third, . Listening is a with several levels of functioning. If you believe about it, it is true. You can listen to your own ears as everyone knows, but can you listen to your own heart also. Listening with your heart to another individual means along together and sharing in their emotional . Often before some expression of feeling a persuasive tide of unmistakable will spike up inside them and it is possible to be sensitive to this when you .


Diese 3 Fähigkeiten: innerer Raum, Zuhören und Sensibilität reichen aus, um tatsächlich bei einem anderen Menschen zu sein und effektiv zu helfen. Sie sind eine wirklich gute Basis, um sich aktiv um einen anderen zu kümmern. Aber noch eine Sache. Menschen wollen sprechen und gehört werden. Seien Sie nicht zu schnell dabei, Probleme zu lösen oder überhaupt einzugreifen. Sie könnten den Drang verspüren, etwas dagegen zu tun (besonders wenn Sie ein Mann sind!), aber tun Sie es einfach nicht. Wenn Sie die Fähigkeiten, die ich hier beschrieben habe, geduldig und konsequent praktizieren und einer anderen Person die Erfahrung geben, dass sie vollständig gehört wird, ist es wahrscheinlich, dass sie es selbst herausfindet, und das ist eine großartige Erfahrung für Sie als Laienberater - Sie lassen eine andere Person aus ihren inneren Ressourcen den Weg durch ihre Probleme finden.