Close up view of woman herbalist mixing various dried herbs for traditional medicinal tea with mortar and pestle. Dried herbs in glass jars on background.

Why To Use Holistic Herbal Solutions?

Holistic herbal solutions may also be described as or just called natural home remedies. There are far more ways than you can think of to help yourself be naturally healthy or healthier. I am not saying that you need to totally discount you primary care doctor but I am saying you could possibly see him MUCH less.

Lifestyle factor

Taking care of yourself obviously is a lifestyle but after you make those changes it’s going to be well worth the efforts because you may wonder why you did not do it sooner! Holistic herbal remedies can be integrated into you life little by little as you figure out what works for you. Soon your world is going to be a much calmer, happier, healthier place to be! Chewing parsley soothes mouth smells. Chew on mint leaves. Gargle with a little cup of lemon juice to kill order causing germs. Then eat a serving of plain unsweetened yogurt. This has lactobacillus bacteria that replaces bacteria. Eat 3 ounces of white Albacore tuna. It contains 800 mg of omega-3’s that have been proven to help treat depression.

Apply aloe vera gel to the burn as needed. You may use juice straight from the plant also. Apply extra virgin olive oil into skin after sunbathing to help prevent skin cancer. Use olive oil as moisturizer to your lips. It will function as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and a lubricant to cure your lips. Use lemon balm for healing and preventing cold sores. Put toothpaste on area after you feel burning feeling. Let it dry and wear immediately.

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Drink tea made from lemon thyme to treat colds before bed. Mix two teaspoons of honey along with 500 mg of Ester C 30 minutes before bed. Eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate. Yes, dark chocolate. The chocolate’s theobromine chemical helps curb that persistent cough with no side effects of constipation and nausea.

Place a few mint leaves in a small bowl and cover with boiling water. Lean over it draping a towel over your head and breathe in the steam. Drink lemon thyme tea as an antioxidant. Soak in an oatmeal bath. Place whole oats in a sock, sealing the end with a rubber band. Drop the sock in a hot bath. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Drink a bottle of water with a packet of Emergen-C. Vitamin C’s ability to fight oxidative stress helps supply energy, and the vitamin plays an integral role in metabolizing iron, which helps your body move energizing oxygen through your bloodstream. Drink linden flower tea.

Drink three or four cups per day. Linden tea stimulates the hypothalamus and dilates the blood vessels causing sweating. Take a daily foot tub in solid black tea for thirty minutes. Tea’s tannins kill germs and close the pores on your feet.

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Bacteria grows better in moist environments and your feet don’t sweat as much with closed pores. Soak your feet in a foot bath of 1 part vinegar and two parts water. This will eliminate bacteria causing odors. Try applying peppermint essential oil topically to hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Drink water and take a B-50 Complex supplement before going to bed to help break down the alcohol in your system. · Drink water and take activated charcoal before going to bed to help remove the toxins in the body. Rub crushed basil leaves in your temples for headache relief. Try relaxing magnesium (200 to 400 mg) to decrease the muscle tension and spasms.

Make sure that the supplement contains at least 200 milligrams of active elemental magnesium. This is more a preventative measure so in case you know when you usually get headaches you may take this the day before.

Chamomile Tea: Steep 2 tsp of this Chamomile in 10 ounces of very hot water for 20 minutes, covering the cup to keep the vital oils from the water. The 3 gram of fiber in four dried figs helps create soft, regular stools which will keep hemorrhoids from returning. Simply submerge a few sprigs of mint in an eight ounce glass of water and consume. One medium pear has 5 gram of dietary fiber, much of it in the kind of pectin, which helps flush out bad cholesterol, a risk factor in cardiovascular disease.

Eat 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley daily. Drink a soothing cup of peppermint tea after your meal. Mint helps with muscles spasms. Use minced fresh basil in sauces or salads to help kill troublesome bacteria which causes nausea and digestion difficulties. Before bed eat a couple of cherries that are full of melatonin.


With lavender essential oil. Eat a 3-ounce dose of turkey 30 minutes before going to bed to help your body produce serotonin and melatonin which are hormones that regulate sleep. One and a half cups of live-culture yogurt helps food traveling better through the gastrointestinal tract thus generating less gas. Use minced fresh basil in sauces or salads to help kill troublesome bacteria which causes nausea and digestion difficulties.

Four dried apricot have 2 gram of fiber, only 3 mg of sodium, and 325 milligrams of potassium. These 3 things keep minerals from collecting in urine that form the most common type of kidney stones. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil into your aromatherapy or boil leaves in a pot of water and allow the scent linger through the home. Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of cramp bark tincture every 2 hours on the days of your worst cramps.

Drink mint tea to sooth nausea. Infuse fresh ginger in hot water. Strain and freeze in ice cube trays. Crush the cubes and eat during the day to get a continuous calming effect. Use minced fresh basil in sauces or salads to help kill troublesome bacteria which causes nausea and digestion difficulties. Apply cold mint tea bags to contaminated area to get a soothing cooling effect. Apply a solution of water and peppermint essential oil or a cloth soaked in peppermint tea into infected area to get a soothing cooling effect. Apply cool moist black tea bags as a compress to closed eyes for 10 minutes.


Garlic contains essential oils which may inhibit the growth of the uterus that’s the offender from the pain, itch, and vaginal discharge of yeast infections. Include garlic in sauces, salad dressings, and marinades. Thyme, cloves, as well as the critical oils from oranges are also powerful fungicides. Include these in sauces, salads dressings, and marinades.