Roher gelber Bio-Bienenpollen

Warum Bienenpollen für Allergien nehmen?

Bee pollens have already been known for several its wonderful contribution to human health. These were used as soon as the ancient times because of the healing and preventing effects on various diseases. The high nutrition content of the kind of pollen helps it be a perfect food for human consumption also.


Taking bee pollen for allergy treatments has been useful for over 100 years and contains shown to be very effective. The forms of allergies treated with this kind of pollen include hay fever, hives, rashes, and asthma even. Let us find out more the way the pollen from the bee benefits people who have these types of allergies effectively.


The strategy to eliminate allergies is named desensitization, that involves exposing the individual to pollens at the very least six weeks prior to the season for allergies begins and continuing the supplements through the entire season. It has been developed at St successfully. Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London. In the initial method, the individual will need to undergo allergy shots wherein the nurse gives an injection of an assortment of pollen and water once weekly for many months. The initial injection might contain 1 part pollen in 100,000 elements of water and gradually decreasing the water content week by week before last injection reaches 1 part pollen in 10 elements of water.

The initial approach to injecting bee pollen for allergy is fairly painful however the smaller amounts of the allergen effectively stimulates the patient’s own disease fighting capability to create antibodies which will certainly eliminate any allergic attack. Once the real allergy season begins, the individual won’t manifest the initial allergies he previously because his antibodies are stronger once, eliminating hypersensitivity issues thus. The newer desensitization technique involves consuming natural bee pollen for allergy treatments orally.


Allergic patients were set clear of all allergic reactions they experience. Should they proceed to new places even, they remain allergy free for the others of these lives still. All respiratory allergies from asthmas to sinus problems were cleared completely. Treating allergies are just a part of the variety of health advantages the pollen from the bee can provide you. By firmly taking bee supplements everyday, you’re upping your red blood hemoglobin or cells as well as your innate antibodies or white blood cells. This lessens your bad cholesterol levels in the blood in addition to strengthens your veins.

Your organs and glands benefit a whole lot from these kind of pollens such as for example a rise of cleansing properties of one’s liver and kidney. Any sexual and reproductive problems within men and women are remedied by these pollens aswell. The incurable prostate problems in men are prevented and the ovarian problems in women are remedied often. There are a lot more health benefits we are able to get from these pollens however, not all bee products are manufactured exactly the same.

Some could be fatal to one’s health due to the chance for contamination. Contaminated pollens are collected from countries like USA, China, and Spain where there are always a complete large amount of people and lots of industries causing pollution in the surroundings. Chemicals, toxins, impurities, heavy metals, along with other contaminants from the new air often affect the pollen collecting procedure for the bees surviving in these countries.

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The pollens they produce contain these dangerous elements that may enable you to get fatal disease development and will further aggravate your wellbeing. You need to only choose pollens from the pristine source just like the country of New Zealand where there’s zero industry rate and minimal population. There is absolutely no pollution present here that may affect whatsoever the bees. The bee pollens collected from New Zealand is reported to be the most effective on earth.