3d rendering nanotechnology hexagonal geometrische Form close-up, Konzept Graphen atomare Struktur, Konzept Graphen molekulare Struktur.

Warum ist Graphen so gefährlich?

In Austria, where the unvaccinated will be confined (a first in Europe), a brothel, the Fun Palast: Sex Star Sauna Club in Vienna (7,000 m2 in the heart of the Austrian capital) itself administers the COVID-19 vaccination on site every Monday from 4pm to 10pm until the end of November and offers vaccinated people 30 minutes with the lady of their choice.


Those over 14 years of age are encouraged to come, especially young girls, which also makes it possible to advance the sexualization of minors at the same time. Boss Peter Laskaris says he wants to target mainly men and “especially immigrants” who are poorly vaccinated (in Austria, as in the West Indies and the United States, people of color generally have the wisdom to refuse the vaccine more than people with a “Caucasian” profile). For the record, in the United States last May in the same logic the Hustler Club offered a free striptease in Las Vegas to the vaccinated, while UNESCO in Norway eroticized the vaccine in an advertising campaign.

The Czech Republic, for its part, transforms its health pass into a vaccine pass, Sweden introduces one for shows (the beginning of a turn for this formerly “dissident” country?), yet it turns out that the vaccine does not protect against contamination, but only mitigates the severity of the disease (everyone is then free to face serious symptoms).


At the same time, the government is promoting the new treatment (at $ 700 per dose) of Merck Molnupiravir despite the risks of cancer and genital malformations.

Independent researchers (with sometimes dubious qualifications) continue to investigate the unspoken content of covid vaccines. The latest news: in South Africa, Dr. Zandré Botha, an alternative medicine practitioner at Krugersdorp, has observed that vaccinated people have red blood cells that agglomerate and cannot bring oxygen to the organs because aggregates cannot circulate in small capillaries: black balls in the vaccine fluid that would turn into a square mesh when it dries (probably graphene). Following his statements (which overlap with those of Mr. Zalewski) on “aliens” in vaccines (a point however denied by another dissident Dr. Fleming), osteopath Carrie Madej specifies that Rice University discovered a few years ago that the strong force field emitted by a Tesla coil causes the self-assembly of carbon nanotubes into long wires, a phenomenon they call “teslaphoresis”. Hier lesen.

Abschließende Anmerkung

Perhaps more methodologically assured, the latest report dated November 2 by Dr. Pablo Campra in Spain: he finds under a microscope that out of 110 doses of vaccines suspected of having graphene 8 actually contain graphene dioxide and 20 indeterminate graphene structures at high doses.