Die asiatische Frau tut sich in der Nase weh, weil sie erkältet ist.

Was sind die Symptome der chronischen Sinusitis?

Before getting to understand what are chronic sinusitis symptoms, and how to take care of it so you can get rid it forever, allow me to start off by introducing what’s sinus. Sinuses are actually the air-filled spaces located behind the bones of your face, which can be lined with your own nose. The mucous membrane on your sinuses is quite helpful in preventing dirt particles as well as viral/bacterial disease as their job is to keep your nasal passageways clear and moist.


When the passage is obstructed, the opportunity of viral/bacterial disease will be quite high and may causes sinusitis. Sinus infection caused by bacterial infection will lead to inflammation to your sinuses and nasal passages. Sinusitis disease can be acute (somewhat serious than ordinary cold, which normally will cure within 2 weeks), sub acute (normally will eliminate 4 to 6 months with help of antibiotics) and chronic (going on for 2 weeks or longer, and now does not have 100% alternative to it).

These sinusitis have similar symptoms, and are rather tricky to differentiate among each other with their disease period. Statistic revealed that there are at least 90 percent of mature have had sinusitis at least one time in their life. Facial pain because the pressure within our nose has improved, because of the congestion of sinus passage that’s due to bacterial infection. This will affect the pressure equilibrium between our nasal and face.


Serious coughing, particularly during night time, as the air temperature drop. It will affect our sleep and hence impact our work efficiency in the morning as we did not get enough rest. Loss of sense of smell, due to the congestion of our sinus passage. Sometimes we’ll get aching teeth also, but this does not happen frequently. There are a whole lot of chronic sinusitis treatment available, and may be classified into 3 major types, namely medicine, surgery and self help.

Nasal sprays, antihistamine tablets and antibiotics are the most common medication for sinusitis. Nasal spray can alleviate your suffering, but does not assist in curing sinus disease. If you have both chronic bronchitis and allergies at precisely the exact same time, antihistamine is beneficial in controlling allergy and helps to decrease the symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Antibiotics can only cure bacterial infected sinusitis, which will not assist in chronic sinusitis disease.

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Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is the most frequent surgery available, which surgeon will clear the nasal passage and extend the drainage holes. This sort of operation will cost a whole lot, and does not guarantee it will cure sinus disease forever. In my view, self help sinus home remedies are the best way, as it does not cost much and most importantly it does not have some side effects. Please visit my website to find out more on chronic sinusitis symptoms and natural sinus home remedies to eliminate it forever.