Westliche Honigbiene (Apis mellifera) mit einer Varroa-Milbe (Varroa destructor).

Was muss man über Honigbienen wissen?

There are even more to bees than their buzzing, stinging and stockpiling on nectar and pollen. Next time you see these droning bugs, remember these 10 amazing information that you didn’t find out about these furry-bodied creatures. Honey bees fly and property like ace pilots, an art unlikely from an pet with a brain smaller when compared to a pin head.

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Scientists are actually scurrying to find their exceptional navigating skills and use these to generate a computerized aircraft. Professor Mandyam Srinivasan and his band of science professionals are making good procedure on their project to produce a bee-like airplane. 2. S.O.B. – Save Our Bees!

Pet lovers globally have united to protect the quickly thinning bee population, due to the phenomenon referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder. Worried citizens are urged to cultivate sunflowers and observe the amount of honey bees that stop by at gather nectars and pollens from the blooms.

Bee Colony

High amounts of unexplained bee colony losses have already been reported all over the world, stirring problems among farmers over a probable food shortage if the problem worsens. This malady is named Colony Collapse Disorder, a risk to the pollination process which could adversely affect the development of a number of crops.

Bumblebees could possibly be weight lifters. They are able to transport nectar and pollen selections with weight much like them. Panama orchid bees may also fly with much package and still have the ability to escape pursuers. Dance measures comprise the honey bees’ vocabulary. They do circular actions or move sideways within their animated, choreographed interactions. Some localities on earth have grown to be paranoid of bees due to films about fatal bumblebee episodes.

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Regulations declaring the maintaining of bees as unlawful have already been passed in these locations to ensure that the film episodes do no not really happen in true to life. 7. Bees before humans? The foundation of honey bees time back to as soon as 100 million years, very much sooner than men, who are thought to have existed just 7 million years back. A preserved prehistoric bee within an amber slab proved this as an undeniable fact.

It also verified the hypothesis that bees and wasps originated from the same predecessor because the relic included traces of both insects. Building planners through the ancient period got vivid ideas from bees along with other bee-related issues as proven by architectures like structures with complex entities which were patterned following the honey comb, an set up of hexagonal wax cellular material in beehives for keeping honey and pollen.


These had been furthermore made as patterns of home housing units in Spain along with other European countries. These buzzing bugs pulled a feat when some 3,400 of these were brought to space once the National Aeronautics and Area Management (NASA) had an experiment trip. The figure topped the 482 humans who have traveled into room. Bees adopt two strategies to guard themselves from animal attackers. Whenever a mammal or perhaps a reptile hits on a bee, the insect utilizes its poisonous stinger to pierce in to the fleshy cells of his assailant. When combating a worm or another insect, the bees surround their enemy and firmly squeeze them until they’re suffocated to death.