Schöne attraktive asiatische Frau Praxis Yoga Lotus-Pose auf dem Pool über dem Berggipfel am Morgen vor der schönen Natur Ansichten, fühlen sich so bequem und entspannen im Urlaub, warmen Ton

Was sollten Sie einen Yoga Retreat Reiseveranstalter fragen?

You love yoga. You love surfing. You love travel. You adore warm tropical places. Guess what? You need to go on a yoga surf escape. A surf and yoga holiday is an fantastic way to do what it is you like to do.

Notiz nehmen

  • You learn more yoga with expert instruction.
  • You do yoga.
  • You learn to surf or learn new methods.
  • You get to go surfing.
  • Your surfing equipment is all organized for you.
  • If new to the area, you get taken to the best surf spots based on your ability. Transportation is usually included.
  • You get to enjoy a somewhat planned holiday that’s fun and healthy.
  • You meet those who are like you who like yoga, surfing, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can pick yoga surf retreats that cater to your daily diet needs such as ayurveda, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
  • You’ve got fun doing the activities you love to do. If you live where you can not browse (most of surfers do not get to do it everyday), it is a terrific way to go on a holiday and do lots of surfing.
  • If you are an aspiring yoga instructor, it is always excellent to research during several classes or within the duration of week with another yogi.
  • You get motivated and learn new teaching methods.

What to look for when assessing a surf retreat?

  • Ensure the style and degree of yoga meets your requirements. Ask about the yoga instructors qualifications if that matters to you.
  • Ensure the surfing level is the own ability. Ask about the credentials of the surf instructors.
  • If you’ve got a specific diet, see that they cater to your dietary requirements.
  • Look into the lodging – some are camping while some are extremely luxurious.
  • Ask to look at the itinerary. Some are extremely regimented while other yoga surf retreats provide a whole lot of free time. Determine what it is you desire.
  • Ask about the amount of people attending to get an idea about how a lot of people you’ll be in close proximity with for the amount of days.
  • Ask about if the surf gear is supplied (it usually is).
  • If you are a doer instead of a student, inquire whether a lot of surf instruction is on land or from the water (I like to jump right in, but others favor deliberate preparation). Also, if you’re a seasoned surfer, the very last thing you need to do is hang out on property daily.
  • If you’re looking for the spa treatment, ask if it is available – do not assume it is. Remember, not all yoga retreats are the same. Some are extremely swanky while some are”roughing it”.
  • Request references and contact info for previous attendees.
  • Ask whether smoking, alcohol, or drugs is allowed. Maybe you need or don’t need one of these activities and behaviors. It’s better to know up front.


Again, you will find yoga surf retreats of all kinds. There are lots of yoga advantages, among which is it is excellent for athletes and enhancing surfing abilities. Yoga improves balance, strength, and flexibility – all abilities useful for surfing. If you like surfing and yoga, then check out a yoga surf retreat for your next holiday.