Herz und Gehirn. Digitale Schnittstelle. Sternenhimmel im Hintergrund

Was ist Ihr größtes Kapital?

Have you ever wondered what is your best asset? Wonder no more. Your biggest asset is the idea of the moment. Naturally, conversely, your greatest liability is also your idea of the moment. Consider It. Because the gap in your thought of this moment being either an asset or a liability is entirely your free option. Nobody can make you think a negative or fearful idea.


If a negative or fearful idea happens to pop up, as it does with everyone, it is possible to pick immediately to not think this, and believe rather, some other non-negative, objective or even more cheerful thought. So that our thought of this moment isn’t just our best asset or our greatest accountability, it’s also our greatest obligation. Why is our idea of this moment so significant? As the old saying goes,”As a man thinketh so will he be.” That’s because the mind consistently follows the direction of its current dominant thought–present, as in thought of the second.

And we create any notion dominant by our on-purpose choice to focus upon it, to marketing believe it again and again. Some folks wonder why they are fearful and depressed, and the only idea that’s playing in their brain, over and above, repetitively, is how depressed and fearful they are. Why don’t they reject these ideas and believe more productive ones? What’s the old saying true? That we are what we believe? Because there’s a chemical consequence from the mind for each and every thought we think. If we believe a nice, non-emotional, or objective thought, we trigger the neural activity within our neo-cortex, the thinking part of their mind. If we believe an emotional, negative or fearful idea, we trigger the neural activity from the subcortex, the emotional part of our brain.

Emotional ideas

These that are agreeable are no problem. However, psychological thoughts which are disagreeable or fearful can, sooner or later, cause a tripping of our fight or flight reaction, our psychological defense mechanisms. This will ditch stress chemicals in our brain and cause a chemical imbalance which may result in stress, depression and anxiety. It’s our great freedom that we could, at any time, choose whatever idea we wish to think.

We can proactively decide to think those ideas that will lift us upon the wings of cheerfulness, goodwill and optimistic joy. Or, if we’re not careful, we can passively slip into thinking thoughts that will, sooner or later, chain us to the bondage of anxiety, depression and panic. I wrote my own version of the which, though perhaps more user friendly, is likely not as deep as the lines of terrific poet. But here it is anyway. Or a slave, sold and purchased. From a positive idea. It’s easy to dismiss our notion of this moment as being forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control. Some discount their own thinking as essentially inconsequential.


Others treat their mind and its thinking process as some mystery nobody can solve. Almost like it is none of their business what they believe. That they don’t have any control over their thinking so why mess with it. Too many individuals feel that thinking is simply something which happens to them instead of something that they need to do on purpose, as an act of will, as a great habit.