Ein tapferer Junge (Kind) Held, der eine Lichtaxt hält und ein schreckliches und großes Monster (Dinosaurier) auf einer Insel bei Nacht bei Sonnenuntergang bekämpft - Konzept von Gott, Fantasie, Licht gegen Dunkelheit.

Was wissen Sie über den Schutz Gottes in Träumen?

God produces psychotherapeutical fantasies for every single person. However, just a few men and women know His messages and follow His advice. I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation it is simple to understand God’s words in dreams. You should be an obedient patient and pupil, so you might have God’s protection in life.

Psychische Gesundheit

This way you can maintain your mental stability even if you will face difficult conditions. I will provide you a practical example and show you a couple of sentences in the fantasy of a young girl and my writings, without giving you advice about her life biography. I can only tell you that her story is like the story of Romeo and Juliet. She’s following the unconscious advice and wanting to be diplomatic and reasonable instead of showing anger with all the issues she’s constantly dealing with. I’d stay in a hotel with my loved ones.

We had a taxi to take us straight to the main entrance of the resort. I saw this taxi man was really friendly he charged us less than the fare amount required. Staying away from the hotel seemed very risky. The resort indicates that you’d analyze something for a brief time period. Since you were with your parents that this means that you’re with the worst elements of your character: your anti-conscience (your mom ) and your one-sided conscience (your dad). Therefore, the negative elements of your character were affecting your behaviour.


Your self would make a search for a brief time period with all the worst parts of your character. We had a taxi to take us straight to the main entrance of the resort. The cab indicates the intervention of divine providence. The cab driver was God’s servant. He charged you that the fare amount needed since you’re translating the meaning of your dreams and minding the unconscious guidance. God’s protection is rescuing you and assisting you to understand how your brain works and how to get a smart behavior in all conditions. The taxi is a motor vehicle. Therefore, it reflects your life, which is after God’s advice, as it’s driven by God’s servant. Money in dreams represents psychical energy, excitement.

You had to pay less for having God’s protection since you’re an obedient patient. You do not have to lose your enthusiasm for having God’s protection since you don’t become angry when you’ve got to do something that’s the reverse of everything you had the intention to do. You understand that the celestial unconscious mind is helping you, and you instantly follow the celestial guidance. You will need the taxi to visit the main entry of the resort since you must analyze the worst elements of your character, which are influencing your behavior (your family), while having God’s protection. You will need protection too because there are many risks around the resort. Staying away from the hotel seemed very risky. The road represents a dangerous location. These people which were stealing, raping, etc. represent violent and immoral pieces of your character that appeal to your anti-conscience. You had the security of the celestial unconscious mind, so you could understand how to tame the violent and immoral pieces of your character, after assessing their behavior, and after assessing the behaviour of the worst elements of your character (your parents).

Gut zu wissen

When you go upstairs in dreams you visit the conscious level, which is upward. Since you used the elevator, it follows your ego and the worst elements of your character unexpectedly arrived at the conscious level. To put it differently, the ignored content which has been down, in the area of your anti-conscience, abruptly become known by your own conscience. You suddenly understood that both of these components of your character (your parents) were as bad as the violent and immoral pieces of your character that were in a dangerous location (the road), around the location where you would examine the different components of your character for a definite length of time (the resort ) according to God’s plan, as you’d His protection.

You’re analyzing the worst elements of your character so as to learn control your behavior rather than having a negative attitude with your enemies. You have to tame the violent elements of your character, without thinking that you’re an innocent victim in an unfair situation. God’s logic is based on goodness. Therefore, God reveals to the dreamer she needs to forgive her enemies and care about removing the negative elements of her personality. She’s better than her enemies, although she’s at the position of a victim.

Now, will God be great with the dreamer’s enemies? Will He forgive them the exact same way He tells the dreamer she has to forgive her enemies? Of course not. Her enemies will be heavily penalized. However, God’s punishments are based on goodness since they correct our wicked and absurd behavior. These punishments are similar to surgical operations that heal our mind. How the dreamer’s enemies will be punished isn’t something which has to produce the dreamer glad. This is the reason God does not console her telling her that her enemies will suffer very much and regret having done what they’re performing against her and her boyfriend.

God reveals her that she must change her character rather than condemning her enemies, because she’s not perfect. She has to forgive her enemies, and care about turning into a great human being. With this example you are able to understand God’s logic. God makes everybody forgive others and look closely at their own mistakes. If God would attempt to help the dreamer feel better by telling her that her enemies will be penalized, He would follow the logic of this anti-conscience, which can be violent and supposes as legitimate the assumption that getting revenge is a logical desire.


The anti-conscience feels delight with other people’s anguish. It follows an absurd logic, based on its absurd feelings. However, our conscience is deficient and it can’t realize the absurdity of their anti-conscience’s thoughts. This is why we think in our anti-conscience’s justifications, and we concur with its absurd logic. We must develop our human conscience by obeying the divine guidance during our lives. When we obey God’s guidance we realize His logic and we concur with His wisdom. Therefore, we prefer to be helpful, even if showing goodness doesn’t appear to be advantageous for all of us. God’s logic pays attention to the business of our social life, so that it might be harmonic. We rely on one another. The selfish logic of this anti-conscience disregards the significance of our social life. It makes us believe all human beings our enemies. This is why we use others, and we are indifferent to their pain. We can’t know that we would live far better if we’d love one another. We just pretend to agree with this notion, while we’ve got military forces protecting our interests, and we are not able to forgive our enemies.