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What Are Un-Risky Solutions For Migraine?

It can be difficult to find effective treatment for migraines. However, it doesn’t have a toll on your mental health or require you to take dangerous or potentially dangerous medications. Doctors will often prescribe a wide range of medications, from those that can mask symptoms to those that prevent migraine episodes. A doctor can choose from over 100 medications and almost endless combinations.


There are many medications on the market, and patients suffering from migraines can feel like they are being prescribed one after another. Many of the medications that are supposed to improve your health can actually make things worse. These medications can cause migraines in people who take them. Migraines can also occur if the medication is abruptly stopped. This is not the best or only way to treat migraines.

You can prevent the next migraine episode by losing weight and getting more active. Examine whether you might have a gluten intolerance. Many people have noticed a significant decrease in migraines by avoiding gluten-rich foods. Some specialists believe oxygen can be used to treat migraine patients suffering from cluster headaches.

Therapeutic Massage

The effectiveness of therapeutic massage for migraines has also been proven. Start with one massage every one to two weeks. Use heat and ice interchangeably to treat migraines.

Migraines can be prevented by taking dietary supplements such as coenzymeQ10, magnesium, and vitamin B2.

Pain relief can also be achieved by activating pressure points in your head by pinching the top, temple, and behind your ears.

A buckwheat-hull pillow can help you sleep better and support your neck and head in a way that reduces the likelihood of getting migraines.


You should not be afraid to consult a different neurologist and pain specialist. If you think a change in your care might be beneficial, ask your primary physician for a referral.