Frau Hände beten für Segen von Gott auf Sonnenuntergang Hintergrund

Was sind die innere Stimme und die spirituelle Kraft?

It is called many names including instinct, subconscious mind luck, nature and so forth. It is not the Spirit, but it has been called many names. Only one such power exists, and that is the Great Creative Soul of the Universe. It guides all living things, from insects to large animals, sea creatures to birds and everything in between.

Verstehen wir es

This is because the entire world is a living organism, and its vitality is what we all share. How is it possible for a tiny bee to know how to collect pollen from flowers and which flowers to pick up? Their lifespan is only six weeks.

How can a bee colony turn pollen into honey, one the most delicious and sought-after foods? How can animals learn to care for their young and to train, nurture, and prepare them to live full lives? How can fish find out where to spawn, what whales are interested in, how to fly, and what humans are interested in?

Beachten Sie

These are important things to think about, as we are all part of the living organism that is planet earth. We all know how instincts and thoughts can change our lives and make us do good or bad things. We are all part of the earth’s creation and we are under the control of the Great Spirit. We cannot do anything to disrupt its plans any more than we can move mountains. It speaks to us from within and we will follow its orders, regardless of the outcome.

On the other hand, if one tries to resist it or force an issue that isn’t meant to be, it won’t work. How many people have tried to do something only for it to fail? How many people have a crazy idea and succeed in trying something that changes the outcome of everything? You must consider the inventions over the centuries and how each has led to another and then to a multitude of new things. What would the Internet look like if the telephone hadn’t been invented? Without the light bulb, how would electricity have been possible? Everything depends on the other.

Berücksichtigen Sie

The Internet has made communication instantaneous and anyone can be reached anywhere in a blink of an eye. This is because God’s plan has reached its zenith. It is easy to see why and what it is. It was explained in Old Testament prophecies that most people don’t pay attention to, yet it reveals our plan. As the truth about man’s destruction on the planet floods out, the noise is here. It’s a statement about the contradictions between the truths, the evil of religions and all things that cannot be contained by the internet.

We may not be able to understand why people suffer, their homes are destroyed or why some people lose their entire family. We may not see the whole picture, but we are part of it. Some people are connected to the whole picture through their inner voice, while others see disasters as part and parcel of nature. However, the Spirit is bringing it to an end as we are clearly in the final days.